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GFI Report: Plant-Based Meat Uses Up to 99% Less Land Than Conventional Animal Meat

A GFI report has compared the environmental impact of various meat alternatives with that of their animal-based counterparts. The report looks at four environmental issues: land use, water use, greenhouse gas emissions, and aquatic eutrophication. It shows that plant-based products (made by Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods, and Morningstar Farms) consistently perform far better than animal meat. Beef alternatives offer biggest impact The impact is most striking when it comes to beef alternatives, which use up to 99% less land and water than the equivalent animal product. Greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by up to 90%, and eutrophication potential by up to 91%. GFI notes that switching to grass-fed beef is not a solution, since there is only enough pasture in the US to support 27% …