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New Project Discusses Social Acceptance of Cultivated Meat in Germany

The Ministry of Science and Culture (MWK) in Lower Saxony, Germany, is supporting a project with up to €120,000  to discuss the social acceptance of cultivated meat.  Called “Meat of the future” (Fleisch der Zukunft), the project will be conducted by Nick Lin-Hi, Professor of Business and Ethics at the Universität Vechta (one of Germany’s hotspots for agribusiness) and his team.  The Ministry is funding a total of 13 projects with a budget of € 1.5 million as part of its “Discourses on the Future” programme, which aims to strengthen the exchange between science and the public on current issues. The groundbreaking questions of our time “With the “Discourses on the Future” programme, the research strength of our universities and research institutions becomes visible, especially in the groundbreaking …



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Vegan Business Tribe Live Event Coming to VegfestUK in November

VegfestUK London, the biggest vegan consumer expo in the UK, will host what it claims to be the first vegan business conference featuring only speakers from businesses run and founded by vegans. The conference, sponsored by Vegan Accountants, will be part of the weekend-long event coming to the London Olympia on the 12th and 13th of November. Vegan Business Tribe (VBT) will be organising the vegan business conference under the Vegan Business Tribe Live stage; a programme of live events, panels, workshops, and networking dedicated to vegan businesses. The event welcomes attendees to “come and learn from some of the top vegan business entrepreneurs and founders who will share their expertise to help you grow a successful vegan business.” In 2020, vegan industry experts David …


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Vegan or Plant-Based? Beyond, Impossible, Tyson et al

Several readers have commented on the distinction between the terms “vegan” and “plant-based” in what is a hot topic and one that continues throughout the vegan community. This subject is one that invites more and more debate as we see an increasing number of multinational corporations moving into the meat alternative market, especially from the animal meat industry.


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Nestlé to Launch Incredible Burger

Big Food is slowly but surely cashing in on veganism. According to Bloomberg, Nestlé SA intends to use the global increase in veganism to their advantage and create a billion-dollar business out of plant-based products. The world’s biggest food company, whose ethics and practices are often seen as controversial, is making plans for a product called the Incredible Burger, to compete with popular products such as the Beyond Burger and keep up with the growing plant-based movement.


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Jacy Reese – Author of The End of Animal Farming

Jacy Reese

Jacy Reese is a writer, social scientist, and co-founder of the Sentience Institute. He has previously worked as a senior fellow at Sentience Politics, and as Chair of the board of directors for Animal Charity Evaluators. His work focuses on anti-speciesism, cellular agriculture, and on educating about factory farming. In 2017 Reece was recognized as one of Vice’s Humans of the Year.