Eugene Wang of Sophies Bionutrients in Wageningen Office

Eugene Wang of Sophies Bionutrients in Wageningen Office, image courtesy of Sophies Bionutrients

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Sophie’s BioNutrients Develops First Microalgae Cheddar Cheese with Ingredion

Sophie’s BioNutrients, the next-gen food tech from Singapore, has produced its first microalgae-based cheese. Closely mimicking a conventional cheddar profile, the cheese is made Sophie’s BioNutrients dairy-free microalgae milk in partnership with the Ingredion Idea Labs innovation center. “A dairy and lactose-free alternative to cheese that, thanks to microalgae, offers a higher protein content than most available dairy-free alternatives” The exploding vegan cheese market sees products derived from a wide range of ingredients, from nuts and oils to cauliflower or hemp, with innovation at the forefront of the young industry. However, Sophie’s BioNutrients believes microalgae-based cheese offers superior sustainability – microalgae boasts an exceptionally low carbon footprint – as well as nutrition and a complete taste and texture profile. The team at Sophie’s BioNutrients collaborated …


Eugene Wang © Sophie's Bionutrients


Sophie’s Bionutrients: “Unlocking Macro Nutrients at Micro Level is the ONLY Way Forward to a Sustainable Future that Creates Minimal Footprint”

Alt meat comes in many forms, with plant-based manufacturers using protein-rich ingredients such as soy and peas. Singaporean startup Sophie’s Bionutrients however is taking a different path by harnessing the myriad powers of microalgae, and recently developed the world’s first milk made from algae, comparable in nutritional value to cow’s milk and with all the essential amino acids as microalgae. “A radical change in the way we think about protein production is ever more important.” Following this week’s news of the world’s first commercialization of microalgae meat (see image below) using Sophie’s Bionutrients microalgae protein, now available in a rice dumpling product in Taiwan, we were pleased to speak with co-founder Eugene Wang, to find out more about this superfood of the future. What’s your …


Sophie’s Bionutrients microalgae milk

Microalgae milk ©Sophie’s Bionutrients

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Sophie’s Bionutrients Develops World’s First Milk Made From Algae

Sophie’s Bionutrients, a Singapore-based food technology company co-founded by Eugene Wang of Sophie’s Kitchen, announces today that it has developed the first-ever microalgae-based milk. The company describes itself as the world’s first food tech company to use microalgae to develop 100% plant-based and sustainable alternative protein with the core vision that microalgae is the superfood of the future.