Umiami has recently secured €32.5 million in funding in a Series A round, bringing its overall capital raised to an impressive €100 million in just three years.

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Meat- and Fish Alternatives

Umiami Opens France’s First Commercial-Scale Facility for Plant-Based Whole Cuts

Umiami, the French leader in plant-based whole cuts, announces the opening of its much anticipated first commercial-scale manufacturing plant in Alsace, Eastern France.  The French food tech company states that its plant-based chicken and fish filet production expansion will solidify its position as a key player in European and North American markets. The new factory, a former Unilever production facility acquired by Umiami in 2022, occupies a space of 14,000 m2 and has an annual production capacity of 7,500 tons, which is planned to increase to 20,000 in the future. It currently employs a staff of 53, with the potential to reach 70 employees. The acquisition and rehabilitation of the facility has been possible through a €38 million investment, the support of investors and the French …


Aleph Farms meat on dressed table

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Cultivated Meat

Aleph Farms Partners with Biomanufacturing Experts to Build Large-Scale Cultivated Meat Facility in Thailand

Cultivated beef company Aleph Farms has partnered with biomanufacturing experts BBGI and Fermbox Bio to produce cultivated meat at Thailand’s first production plant for cellular agriculture applications. Through the partnership, the companies aim to advance the development and production of cultivated meat in the region by focusing on production enhancement, cost optimization, and operational scale-up. BBGI is a Bio-Based Green Innovation company that manufactures and distributes bio-based fuel and high-value and well-being products. Fermbox Bio is a synthetic biology research and manufacturing company leveraging microbial fermentation and synthetic biology to create sustainable products, including cell media ingredients. Both companies have extensive experience in large-scale biomanufacturing design and operation.  “We are excited to be part of this partnership — bringing together people and companies from across the world with …


Multus has recently unveiled what it claims is the world's first commercial-scale production plant for developing affordable, food-safe growth media for the cultivated meat industry.

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Cultivated Meat

UK Biotech Multus Unveils World’s First Commercial-Scale Serum-Free Growth Media Facility

British biotech Multus has recently unveiled what it claims is the world’s first commercial-scale production plant for developing affordable, serum-free growth media for the cultivated meat industry. The exact location of the facility has not been revealed yet.  This expansion comes after the company successfully raised £7.9 million in January to produce its growth media at scale, bolstered by a £2.15 million equity-free grant from Innovate UK through the EIC Accelerator.  In its initial phase, Multus raised Multus £1.6 million to launch Proliferum M, a growth medium for large-scale use in the food industry. Later, its ingredients received ISO 22000 certification, ensuring they are produced according to food safety standards. Accessing economies of scale Developing growth media without fetal bovine serum, a critical component for cell growth, has been a …


INTACT, a French company specializing in plant-based ingredients from regenerative agriculture, has begun constructing a new facility in Baule, the Loiret region of the country.


Agriculture / Agribusiness

France’s INTACT Breaks Ground on Low Carbon Facility to Produce Legume Proteins for Plant-Based Foods

INTACT, a French company specializing in vegetable proteins from regenerative agriculture legumes, has begun constructing a new low-carbon facility in Baule, in the Loiret region of the country. The new plant will transform peas and other legumes into plant proteins for plant-based foods, neutral alcohol, and biomass for heating using an innovative fermentation technology. Marc Fesneau, the French Minister for Agriculture and Food Sovereignty, was present at the ceremony, signaling the growing interest and investment in plant-based agriculture in France. Fesneau said that the company’s commitment to ecological agriculture aligns with France’s ambition to double the area dedicated to legume production by 2030, reports ActuOrléans. The strategic location of the Baule facility, within an agricultural hub and supported by Axereal, will propel the development of …


Newform Foods partners with Project Assignments on a demonstration facility for cultivated animal products-

From left to right: Brett Thompson, co-founder and CEO of Newform Foods; Tasneem Karodia, co-founder and COO of Newform Foods; John Clayton, Managing Director at Project Assignments; and Gary Van Der Heyde, Operations Director at Project Assignments © Newform Foods

Company News

Newform Foods and Project Assignments Partner to Install Demo Facility for Cultivated Meat Products in Cape Town

South African companies, the biotech Newform Foods (previously Mzansi Meat) and the engineering giants Project Assignments have partnered to install a demonstration facility for cultivated meat products in Cape Town. According to the biotech’s announcement, it will be the largest of its kind in Africa, serving as a demonstration platform for Newform Food’s cutting-edge biotechnology at scale. The company, which claims to have a pioneering production model, aims to expand its business model by offering meat manufacturers, cultivated meat producers, and retailers, end-to-end solutions for developing cultivated meat in their existing facilities. The services will include tailored solutions such as media development, cell lines of interest, prototype development, and scaling (bioreactor plans). Collaborating with Project Assignments, Newform Foods will provide future customers with a platform for easy …


Bunge to build soy protein concentrate facility

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Agriculture / Agribusiness

Bunge Breaks Ground on $500M Facility to Supply Soy Protein for Plant-Based Foods Market

Global agribusiness firm Bunge announces it has begun construction on a new $500M soybean processing facility in Morristown, Indiana. Opening in mid-2025, the “fully integrated” plant will produce soy protein concentrates and textured soy protein concentrates for the plant-based foods market.  The new facility is adjacent to Bunge’s existing soybean processing plant in Morristown, which focuses on processing soy for animal feed and byproducts like soybean oil. Once operational, the new plant will employ 70 workers and be able to process 4.5 million bushels of soybeans every year.  According to Aaron Buettner, president of food solutions at Bunge, the success of Bunge’s first processing plant influenced the company to re-invest in the Morristown community.  “It’s really the relationship that we have with community and the …


UAE's first alt meat facility opens

The opening ceremony for the new facility. © IFFCO

Manufacturing & Technology

“UAE’s First Alt Meat Facility” Begins Operations, Products to Launch at Major Supermarkets

Food manufacturing group IFFCO has begun operations at its new production plant, which is said to be the UAE’s first alt meat facility. Based at Dubai Industrial City, the facility will produce a range of meat alternatives under the brand name THRYVE. These will include options tailored to regional tastes — such as koftas, shawarmas, and shish tawooks — along with more Western-style offerings like burgers and nuggets. The meat alternatives are made from fava beans, using a technique described as state-of-the-art. Within a few weeks, THRYVE products will be available at supermarket chains Lulu and Carrefour UAE. While the UAE’s plant-based market is still small, THRYVE says its consumer research has found a positive response to the concept of alt meats. The brand hopes …