Upstream Foods develops cultivated salmon fat

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Cultivated Seafood

Upstream Foods Develops Cultivated Salmon Fat to Improve Taste of Alt Seafood

Dutch startup Upstream Foods is developing cultivated salmon fat that could be used to give plant-based seafood the same flavor and mouthfeel as conventional fish. The fat is made by taking cells from living fish via a biopsy and using them to produce stem cells. These stem cells can then become fat cells, multiplying many times in a bioreactor so that one sample can produce a large quantity of cultivated fat. Finally, the cells are combined with a plant-based matrix. While the technology is already used in the pharmaceutical industry, it is not yet widely used in food production. Upstream Foods is currently operating from the Wageningen University and Research campus, but is searching for a larger lab to allow it to combine food and …


PhytoFat filled burgers available at over 500+ shops in Asia

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Products & Launches

Animal-Like PhytoFat by Lypid Now Available for the US B2B Market

San Francisco-based Lypid has announced that its proprietary PhytoFat is now available to food service providers, retailers, and restaurants in the US. The plant-based fat is made from oils and water, using microencapsulation technology. Available in pork and beef flavors, it is designed to evoke the taste and mouthfeel of conventional meat, featuring a high melting point that helps to preserve juiciness throughout the cooking process. The launch marks Lypid’s entry into the US plant-based fat market, providing a product free of hydrogenation, trans fats, and artificial ingredients. PhytoFat can be blended with plant-based proteins in extruders, giving chefs full control over the final product. Lypid has already partnered with chefs at several restaurants to showcase the possibilities of the fat, creating dishes such as …


plant-based sausages

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Kerry Launches SucculencePB Fat Technology for Tasty and Juicy Plant-Based Meats

Leading taste and nutrition solutions company Kerry announces the launch of SucculencePB, a “game-changing” solution to help manufacturers create vegan-friendly products with enhanced flavour and moisture. Kerry’s recent global consumer research revealed that most participants would buy plant-based burgers if they were succulent and juicy, concluding that texture and mouthfeel should also be considered when producing plant-based meat and not only flavour. A “game-changing” solution “When it comes to plant-based meat alternatives, most consumers are not willing to compromise on taste. SucculencePB is a game-changing solution that will elevate taste in the meat-alternative marketplace,” commented Darren O’Sullivan, global portfolio director of emerging taste technologies for Kerry. “By retaining moisture, SucculencePB enables product developers to deliver delicious, juicy products with improved nutritional profiles and a cleaner, more sustainable …