Roquette announces the launch of its first protein isolate derived from fava beans.

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Roquette Launches its First Fava Bean Protein Isolate for Plant-Based Meat, Dairy & Baked Goods

Global plant-based ingredients company Roquette announces the launch of NUTRALYS Fava S900M for Europe and North America. The NPD is Roquette’s first protein isolate derived from fava beans and the latest addition to its NUTRALYS pea protein range and other rice F&B solutions. The new ingredient aims to expand food manufacturers’ plant protein options, enabling them to offer meat and dairy alternatives that cater to health-conscious and environmentally aware consumers without compromising on taste and indulgence. Romain Joly, Global Head of Proteins Business Line at Roquette, shares, “Part of the pulse family, fava beans have long been valued for their properties in textured applications, but in recent years, the focus has shifted to its ability to deliver high protein levels and leverage sensory attributes. Through …


Plant based grilled burger patty with grill marks and rock salt isolated on white. Top view.

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Studies & Numbers

Researchers Discover Ideal Fava Bean Blend for Tasty & Fibrous Plant-Based Meat

Scientists from the University of Helsinki have discovered a promising protein blend for plant-based meat: whole fava bean (also commonly known as fava or broad bean) groat flour (hulled husks) combined with pea protein isolate (PPI). Fava beans are a promising ingredient for producing meat analogs. However, the researchers argue that protein concentrate from these beans has been hindered by its bitter taste, which is attributed to compounds such as free phenolics, vicine, convicine, saponins, and oxidized fatty acids. To overcome the bitter challenge so disliked by consumers, they explored in a new study the feasibility of using two different types of fava bean ingredients instead of concentrates: flour from germinated, gently heat-treated beans and groat from non-germinated, roasted beans. According to the researchers, both heat …


Beyond Meat plant-based chicken burger

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Meat- and Fish Alternatives

Beyond Meat Launches Plant-Based Chicken Made With Fava Beans in the UK

Beyond Meat is expanding its range in the UK with three new plant-based chicken products, following the success of the brand’s beef and pork alternatives. The new products are: Beyond Burger Chicken-Style — a twist on the classic Beyond Burger, containing 15 grams of protein per 100 grams. Beyond Fillet — a quick-to-prepare option, described as “crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside”. Beyond Nuggets — breaded plant-based chicken pieces, said to be “tasty, convenient, and easy to make”. Beyond’s existing range in the UK includes sausage, beef-style burgers, mince, and meatballs. While the original Beyond Burger is made from pea protein, the new products are made with fava beans and wheat gluten; according to Beyond, the properties of the beans make them …


Coronation Chicken Ingredion

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Fairs & Events

Ingredion to Showcase Vegan Coronation Chicken at PBWE London Next Week

Global Ingredients giant Ingredion is set to showcase its latest plant-based prototypes at Plant Based World Expo 2022 next week from 30 November to 1 December, alongside KaTech Ingredient Solutions, which the company acquired last year. The prototypes will available for attendees to sample on-stand, with the hero product being a plant-based coronation chicken filler with plant-based mayonnaise, created with Ingredion’s VITESSENCE® Pulse range of proteins, with a base of pea protein and fava beans, also commonly known as faba or broad beans, an ingredient that has been trending in plant proteins over recent years. According to Ingredion, the chicken alternative is a clean-label product developed with a new technology that does not include methylcellulose or any other gums. This technology does not utilise high …





BENEO is Showcasing New “Future-Proof” Fava Bean Protein at IFT FIRST Expo in Chicago

Leading functional ingredients producer BENEO is showcasing its new fava bean protein concentrate at the 2022 IFT FIRST Annual Event and Expo under the theme “Rooted in Nature – the Power of Plants”. Fava bean protein production continues to gain traction in the alt protein industry as the sustainable crop offers numerous advantages for plant-based producers.  Taking place currently at McCormick Place in Chicago, visitors to BENEO’s booth will have the opportunity to learn how its fava bean ingredients can help manufacturers improve texture in meat and dairy alternatives, as well as protein enrichment, according to the company.  BENEO claims its fava bean ingredients are suitable for animal or soy protein replacement, with a mild taste, excellent amino acid profile, high solubility, and emulsifying properties. …


Fava or broad beans

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Manufacturing & Technology

BENEO Invests €50M in New Fava Bean Processing Plant in Germany

Leading functional ingredients producer BENEO has announced it will be opening a new fava bean processing plant in Offstein, Germany. The facility will process the beans — and potentially other pulses at a later date — into protein concentrate, flour, and hulls. Companies will be able to use the fava-derived ingredients to improve the protein content and texture of meat and dairy alternatives, as well as to produce gluten-free bakery and cereal products. Costing €50 million, the new site will help BENEO strengthen its portfolio and meet the growing demand for plant-based proteins. Though the construction of the plant is not expected to be complete until late 2024, BENEO is set to begin producing fava bean ingredients at its existing facilities from June. Investing in …


Perfeggt poured into pan

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Investments & Finance

Perfeggt Secures $2.8 Million For Chickenless Eggs

Perfeggt announces it has closed its first financing round at more than 2.8 million USD (2.5 million EUR) for its chickenless egg product. Its first iteration consists of a “complex, plant-based system” including the increasingly popular fava bean, that can be prepared scrambled or as an omelette. “We expect Perfeggt to quickly gain significant market share and reach high, sustainable growth with continuous product innovation in the coming years.”  Prominent and prolific investors in the round included EVIG Group, Stray Dog Capital, E²JDJ, Tet Ventures, Good Seed Ventures, Sustainable Food Ventures and Shio Capital. The Berlin-based company’s debut product will initially launch early next year in Germany, Switzerland and Austria markets with further European markets to follow. Tanja Bogumil, CEO of Perfeggt, states: “With Perfeggt, …


Fava or broad beans

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Agriculture / Agribusiness

Fava to Play Key Role in the Protein Transition as Global Ingredient Provider Plans Fava Protein Factory

Meelunie, a global leader in plant-based ingredients, believes that fava will play a key role in the protein transition. According to the company, Fava beans, otherwise known as broad beans, will help meet the growing demand for plant-based proteins while addressing deforestation, inefficiencies in global agriculture and other climate-related challenges.




Food & Beverage

Finland’s Verso Foods Granted Patent for Vegan Products Created with Fava Beans

Verso Food, the market leader of plant-based foods in Finland, has been granted a patent for the production method of its Beanit Chunks and Mince made from fava beans. Beanit is the world’s first plant-based protein product made from Nordic Fava beans, which the University of Copenhagen revealed to be protein-dense and nutritionally superior to lentils, amaranth, buckwheat and quinoa. As we reported in June, Business Finland announced it was funding a EUR 2.1M project with VTT Research and the University of Helsinki to support the Finnish food industry to develop plant protein products for the international market and strengthen Finland’s position in the global plant protein market by valorising Finnish crops such as the fava (or broad) bean utilised by Verso Food for this …