Integra Foods, the new ingredients division of Australian Grain Export (AGE), has opened a faba bean protein facility in Dublin, South Australia.

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Integra Foods Breaks New Ground with Faba Bean Protein Facility in South Australia

Integra Foods, the new ingredients division of Australian Grain Export (AGE), has opened a faba bean protein facility in Dublin, South Australia. The facility, part of AGE’s $20 million vertically integrated value-adding precinct in South Australia’s Mid-North region, leverages sustainable and energy-efficient protein separation techniques. The new plant, described as a state-of-the-art facility, is set to produce 15,000 metric tons of “all-natural” and sustainable concentrates annually for innovative faba bean-based products. Mr. Tim Martin, managing director of Integra Foods, shared: “We’re proud to lead in developing Australia’s plant protein industry and launching South Australia’s newest industry.” Dry fractionation tech Unlike wet fractionating methods, the ingredients company uses pioneering dry fractionation, which does not require water, acids, alkalis, solvents, or drying to separate proteins and starches. …


Nukoko raises funding to scale cocoa-free chocolate

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Nukoko Raises $1.5M to Scale “World’s First” Cocoa-Free Chocolate Made From Fava Beans

UK-based company Nukoko has raised $1.5 million in seed funding to scale up its technology to produce cocoa-free chocolate from fava beans. The round was led by Oyster Bay Venture Capital, with participation from SOSV and The Mills Fabrica alongside a grant from Innovate UK. Due to climate change, cocoa has seen a supply deficit in recent years, causing prices to rise by a huge 89% in 2023 and double again in the first months of 2024. Cocoa production is also associated with deforestation and significant carbon emissions. Nukoko claims to have developed the first chocolate made from fava beans, a nitrogen-fixing crop that can be grown within the UK. Using a fermentation process similar to traditional cocoa fermentation, the company transforms the beans into …


Meeat Food Tech

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Meeat Food Tech Plans to Make Meat Factories Plant-Based With Fermented Fava Beans

Finland’s Meeat Food Tech was founded in 2020 by a group of former meat professionals who are working to transform the food industry through plant-based products. Meeat’s “hero ingredient” is fermented fava beans, which are highly sustainable, protein-rich, and have a neutral flavour. Due to its scalable and cost-efficient setup, the company says it can provide a partnership option to transform meat factories into plant-based operations. Last August, Meeat raised €8 million to rapidly expand throughout Europe, Asia, and the US. The company now has a range of over 50 plant-based products, featuring meat alternatives such as hot dogs, ready meals like Tikka Masala, and cooking sauces for dishes such as chilli and bolognese. Meeat also acts as a plant-based distributor, and helped to bring …


Faba/ Fava Beans


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Finland’s Foodiq Reveals Fabea+ As More Nutritious Alternative to Soy and Pea Protein

Finnish food innovator Foodiq announces it has developed Fabea+, a groundbreaking new ingredient made from fermented fava beans. Created as a versatile solution for a wide range of food applications, Fabea+ is said to offer a more nutritious and sustainable alternative to mainstream plant-based ingredients like soy, peas and oats.  While fava bean protein is currently sold as isolates and concentrates, Foodiq states Fabea+ is a fermented powder that is new and unique to the industry. Among its key attributes, Fabea+ is said to offer superior nutrition compared to other common plant-based ingredients, with high levels of protein and fiber. Thanks to its fermentation process, the ingredient has a neutral taste profile, with no unwanted side flavors.  Fabea+ is also described as a “universally applicable” ingredient …


Beyond Steak Seared Tips

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Beyond Meat Trials New Steak, Popcorn Chicken and Nuggets at Select US Stores

Beyond Meat (NASDAQ: BYND) appears to be testing several new products, including its highly publicized plant-based steak, in limited launches at Jewel Osco stores in the US Midwest.  Beyond Steak, Popcorn Chicken and Chicken Nuggets are now listed on Jewel Osco’s website, and shoppers have been posting sightings of the products across social media. Available in the frozen aisle, Beyond Steak Seared Tips are made from a base of wheat gluten and fava beans with 21 g of protein, according to its package. Each 10 oz package retails for $7.99 on Jewel Osco’s website, though at the time of writing, the product was listed on sale for $5.35/package.  The Beyond Popcorn Chicken and Nuggets are also made from a base of gluten and fava beans, and …


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New Zealand Urged to Invest in Plant-Based Protein 

Kiwi plant-based producer Off-Piste Provisions is calling on the New Zealand agri-food and ingredients sectors to invest in pea and fava protein. The vegan outdoor foods brand has commissioned a new report to highlight the opportunities for pea and fava bean extraction in the country.  Entitled “Feasibility of Pea and Fava Bean Protein Extraction in New Zealand” and undertaken by PwC New Zealand, the report set out to understand the current market situation and opportunities that exist for pea and fava bean protein extraction in New Zealand. The report suggests a sizeable opportunity is present for investors and the local agri-food and ingredients sectors. Interestingly, Off-Piste Provisions – producer of on-the-go plant protein such as jerky – is funded by the New Zealand Ministry for …


Fava or broad beans

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NUTRIS Opens “Europe’s First Fava Bean Protein Facility” in Croatia

NUTRIS Group has opened what it claims is the first factory in Europe for the production of fava bean protein isolate. Located in Novi Senkovac, Croatia, the facility will also be able to produce potato-based ingredients. In conjunction with Denmark’s SiccaDania, NUTRIS has invested €30 million in the new site. The technology used at the facility was developed by the University of Copenhagen over a ten-year period, and has been further improved by the two companies. Ultimately, NUTRIS plans for the site to be part of a state-of-the-art agro-industrial hub called NUTRIS.park™, which should be operational by 2030. Fava bean steadily gaining popularity plant-based Fava bean protein is growing in popularity as an ingredient in alt-protein products. The protein is functionally similar to soy, but …


Vegan/ Plant-Based Tacos

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Products & Launches

Upton’s Naturals Debuts First Fava Bean Taco Crumbles

Plant-based food company Upton’s Naturals has launched Fava Taco Style Crumbles, one of the first plant-based meat fillings made from fava beans.  Coming to Sprouts Farmers Markets this spring, the fava crumbles are made to recreate the mouthfeel and texture of slow-cooked ground beef, the company says. The product is seasoned with a custom taco seasoning blend, and each serving offers 9 grams of protein with minimal fat and calories. The fava crumbles are also Kosher Pareve and free from soy, gluten, oil,  added sugars and cholesterol.  As a heat-and-eat product, the fava crumbles cook within minutes and can be enjoyed as a stuffing for tacos or burritos, served with nachos or any Mexican-style dish. Upton’s crumbles will be available in chilled 8 oz packages at …


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Agriculture / Agribusiness

Sweden Invests in Homegrown Foods to Improve Self-Sufficiency and Deal with Vegan Demand

As demand for plant-based foods grows in Sweden, the government has invested €2.5 million into local projects to boost the agricultural potential of the country. Focusing on crops like fava beans, the initiative aims to increase the national plant-based sector’s competitiveness and make plant-based diets more sustainable. With the majority of plant-based products consumed in Sweden made from imported soy, Vinnova – Sweden’s Innovation Agency – is funding 17 agricultural projects which will improve the self-sufficiency of the county and meet the needs of a population consuming more and more plant-based products. Despite being a country with harsh conditions for agriculture, the innovations could lead to increased growth in the sector and less reliance on – often unsustainable – soy production. One such project is …


Sweet & Sour Zoglo's

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Zoglo’s Incredible Food Corp Launches 12 New Products For Canadian Market

Zoglo’s Incredible Food Corp. announces the introduction of 12 new plant-based food products from its Incredible™ product line into the Canadian retail market, including shawarma, meatballs, chicken tenders and strips. Zoglo’s Incredible Food Corp. is a private plant-based food company based in Toronto which offers plant-based appetizers, veggies, and meat substitutes made with Non-GMO Soy or Non-GMO beans such as peas, fava beans and mung beans. Over the past 25 years, its products have been in distribution in over 700 retail stores across Canada including Walmart, Shoppers Drug Mart, Sobeys and Loblaws, and has representation in the United States and Europe. “We are very pleased to be expanding our product line in Canada and look forward to Zoglo’s continuing to penetrate the market and becoming …


Planteneers Plant-based lasagne


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Planteneers Says That “New Work” is Driving Demand for Plant-Based Convenience Foods

In recent months takeout and delivery models have experienced a tremendous boom. The operative term is “new work,” and home office and mobile working call for need-oriented solutions, and as we recently reported, vegan convenience food is a category currently trending and seeing high investor interest since the pandemic. Vegan alternatives to pepperoni or tuna Planteneers GmbH, headquartered in Ahrensburg, Germany, develops and produces custom system solutions for plant-based alternatives to meat, sausage and fish products, as well as cheese, dairy products and deli foods. With the company’s compounds, manufacturers can offer an entire range of pizzas with purely plant-based ingredients, and so address the rising demand for plant-based convenience foods. The functional systems in the fiildMeat S range, for example, are ideal for making …