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The Better Meat Co. Forms First Scientific Advisory Board to Advance Use of Mycelium in Alt Protein

Fermented protein innovator The Better Meat Co. announces the formation of its first-ever Scientific Advisory Board (SAB.) The board, which compromises leading experts in filamentous fungi, cell biology, metabolism, genetics, and food safety, is helping to bolster Better Meat’s efforts to advance the use of mycelium in both hybridized and animal-free meat applications.  Better Meat’s first SAB meeting took place on March 13, and its members include:  Louise Glass, PhD – Professor, University of California-Berkeley Jay Dunlap, PhD – Professor,  Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth Heather Hallen-Adams, PhD – Professor, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Matt Sachs, PhD – Professor, Texas A&M University  “The fruiting structures of fungi have been used for food and medicine for thousands of years,” shared board member Louise Glass, PhD. “It’s …


Zero Acre Healthy Plant-Based Oil

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Investments & Finance

Chipotle Makes Investment in Cultured Oil Innovator Zero Acre Farms

Fast casual chain Chipotle Mexican Grill announces it is investing in cultured oil startup Zero Acre Farms through its venture fund, Cultivate Next. The investment, made for an undisclosed sum, is part of a series of initiatives Chipotle is taking to help it further its socially responsible mission and meet ESG goals.  Zero Acre Farms is a company focused on ending the food industry’s dependence on vegetable oils by offering healthier, more sustainable oils and fats. According to Chipotle, the world’s vast production of vegetable oils every year contributes heavily to global deforestation and carbon emissions. Zero Acres says it has created a new category of healthier, cultured oils using environmentally-friendly fermentation techniques.  Market debut In July 2022, Zero Acre launched its first commercial product …


Mycelium Foie Gras

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Fungi, Mushrooms & Mycelium

The Better Meat Co. Hosts ‘Night Under the Fermenters’ Dinner to Showcase Mycelium Bacon, Chicken and Foie Gras

Mycelium innovator The Better Meat Co. reveals it recently hosted “Night Under the Fermenters” – a special dinner to showcase the versatility of its Rhiza mycoprotein ingredient. Featuring 10 different courses, the fine dining experience offered guests a “taste of the future” with mycoprotein-based bacon, chicken, turkey, foie gras, caviar and even baked desserts.  Taking place March 14 at Better Meat’s fermentation headquarters in West Sacramento, CA, the exclusive dinner featured notable guests, including Elysabeth Alfano from Plant-Based Business Hour and Didier Toubia, CEO of Aleph Farms. Guests, who reportedly paid $300 each, dined while immersed in the presence of Better Meat’s mycelia fermenters, an active 3D printer and microscopic mycelium artwork.  The menu was curated by BMC research chef Jared Goldstein and prepared alongside …