Flax based cello

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Flax Fiber Provides “Environmentally Friendly Alternative” for Musical Instruments

Tim Duerinck, a contemporary luthier in Belgium, has developed an eco-friendly, plant-based cello made from flax fiber. Claiming to bring new possibilities for environmentally friendly instrument design, the flax fiber design is durable and able to obtain the same acoustic qualities as the endangered woods often used in string instrument production.  As first reported by The Strad, the flax fiber cello will soon be on display at Belgium’s museum of textiles and flax in Kortrijk, and was made with pieces of mirror-twilled fabric layered with natural flax to create the patterns used when producing traditional wooden cellos. As almost every industry continues to re-evaluate its effect on the environment, Duerinck felt he should explore greener alternatives to traditional instrument making. Display content from YouTube Click …


Die Gründer marc Schlegel und Matthias von Lizza

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Lizza: “A Steep Learning Curve is Imminent…”

Pizza and pasta have long been regarded as real calorie and carbohydrate bombs. Now, two young founders have tackled this topic, breathing new “low-carb life” into the two universally popular classics. Their combination of flax and chia seeds has resulted in revolutionary products which delighted the investors Frank Thelen and Carsten Maschmeyer in “Die Höhle der Löwen” the equivalent to The Shark Tank. That’s how “Lizza” was born. We interviewed founder Marc Schlegel about the current state of affairs and the future of low-carb pizza.