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Malibu Mylk Creates Flax Mylk – World’s First High-Fiber Milk Made From Whole Flaxseeds

Malibu Mylk, a California-based non-dairy beverage brand, introduces Flax Mylk, the first-ever milk produced from whole, organic flaxseeds. Available in 700 US grocery stores, Flax Mylk’s shelf-stable products are also sold online through Thrive Market and While established brands like Good Karma already offer flax-derived milk alternatives, Malibu says its products are the first to preserve the entire flaxseed in the end product without straining. Rich in fiber, flax is a 4,000-year-old superfood that is a top source of vegan omega-3 fatty acids. The mighty seed is also believed to contain anti-inflammatory properties, help lower cholesterol, improve heart health and soothe digestive ailments.  Malibu’s Flax Mylk is completely allergen-friendly and made without gums, oils or synthetic vitamins. Instead of refined sugar, the brand’s sweetened …