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Swedish Researchers Find Consumers Choose Fungi-Based Food for Sustainability and Well-Being Benefits

Swedish researchers conducted a study to examine whether consumers select fungi-based food due to its sustainability advantages. The findings show that engaging with fungi-based food is perceived to contribute to sustainability and is thought to promote glocal (a portmanteau of global and local) well-being. The study argues that as the consumption of fungi-based food continues to grow in popularity, it is essential to understand whether consumers align their choices with personal values related to sustainability. Awareness and knowledge of the benefits of fungi and plant-based food are vital to encourage consumers and influence their food choices, which can contribute to global social, economic, and environmental sustainability, explain the authors.  The research has been funded by the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth and the …


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Just Eat Joins Veganuary, Reveals 12% of Spanish Consumers Participate in the Challenge

Just Eat, a food delivery platform operating in more than 20 countries, has joined Veganuary 2023 by adding a new section for veggie options to its app to promote and increase vegetable consumption during January. Spanish consumers practicing Veganuary Just Eat conducted a survey with IPSOS Digital to provide data on Spanish consumers’ attitudes toward following a plant-based diet, revealing that 12% of Spanish consumers were practicing Veganuary. The study also showed that 17% of Spanish consumers have already reduced their meat intake in their regular diet. Furthermore, according to the study, the main reasons for eating vegan or vegetarian food among the respondents were: taste (38%), health (36%), and sustainability (26%).  “This shows that the prejudice towards this type of food is decreasing and clearly reflects the global …


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Studies & Numbers

Three Proven “Nudges” That Influence Meat-Eaters to Order Vegan Options

Meat-eaters can be influenced into choosing plant-based options in restaurants depending on certain factors such as innovation and novelty. According to recent studies, many consumer food decisions are motivated by non-rational social and contextual factors. Strategies that are applied to manipulate such factors and influence customers choices are often referred to as ‘nudges’. Foodservice “can contribute to the desired societal shift towards mainstream consumption of foods with lower environmental impact.” Through nudging strategies, omnivores can be motivated to choose plant-based options at the supermarket, in restaurants, or when shopping for food online. The following three methods have been demonstrated to nudge customers into choosing plant-based options in restaurants, having already shown success in scientific studies. Presenting a plant-based option as the default choice A Danish …