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Industry Leaders to Gather at IPBFWG Event to Discuss the Role of Plant-Based Foods in a Sustainable Food System

The International Plant Based Foods Working Group (IPBFWG) announces its upcoming event, “The Role of Plant Foods in Transitioning to a Sustainable Food System,” set to take place on the 13th of October, 2023, in Brussels, Belgium. IPBFWG, a coalition of international plant-based trade associations representing Europe, the UK, Canada, the USA, China, India, and Mexico, promotes a healthier, more sustainable, and more compassionate food system. The event aims to bring together key stakeholders, experts, policymakers, and organizations to support and expand the plant-based food industry to maximize production and promote the transformation of the animal-centered global food system.  The program includes the IPBFWG Industry Forum, where industry leaders will discuss important topics such as market growth, consumer education, and the influence of multinational corporations on the sector. The goal is …


PlantEurope Network announces online panel discussion on public policies to adopt plant-based diets

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Fairs & Events

PlantEurope Network Hosts Virtual Discussion on Plant–Based Diet in Policy Frameworks

PlantEurope Network, a new initiative for a plant-based food system, announces its upcoming panel discussion, “Working Towards The Inclusion of a Plant-Based Diet in Public Policy.” The online event will take place via Zoom webinar on May 24th from 4-6 pm CEST, and is free of charge.  Revealing and sharing strategies The panel facilitator, Dr. Shireen Kassam, will be joined by Sofie Verhoeven from Belgium, Anne Pøhl Enevoldsen from Denmark, Jeroom Remmers from the Netherlands, and Keyvan Mostafavi from France to provide insights into existing national food strategies from pioneering countries in Europe. They will discuss different approaches to incorporating plant–based diet into policy frameworks. Through their personal experiences, they will reveal the strategies used by civil society to bring their proposals to fruition. They will also …



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Report Tells UK Government to Revise “Fragmented and Underdeveloped” Alt-Protein Policy

A report by the Social Market Foundation has called on the UK government to update its alt-protein policy, with the aim of improving consumer choice and accelerating the transition to a more sustainable food system. The report says that with its current “fragmented and underdeveloped” policy, the UK risks falling behind other countries. The authors propose several steps the government could take to remedy this. The recommendations are as follows: The Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy should develop a UK alt-protein strategy, with input from other departments, within a year. An alt-protein innovation needs assessment should be commissioned to understand how best to spend money and how much R&D is needed. Supermarkets should aim for at least 30% of protein sales to be …


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Plant-Based Food Alliance Launches to Help Make UK a Global Plant-Based Leader

A new coalition of companies, charities, and civil groups called the Plant-Based Food Alliance, with founding members Alpro, Oatly, ProVeg UK, Upfield, and The Vegan Society, has launched in the UK to provide a voice for the growing plant-based sector. The Alliance says its aim is to “help make the UK a global leader in plant-based food and drink”. The organisation will be developing a UK Plant-based Food Charter, which will enable businesses to collaborate with the UK government to promote the transition to a plant-based diet. The Alliance will campaign for policies such as: Public health campaigns informing people of the benefits of a plant-based diet. Labels on food packaging to show the environmental impact of plant-based versus animal-based products. Support to help farmers …