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Canada’s Odd Burger Announces Huge Expansion With 36 New Locations

Canada’s Odd Burger, the first vegan fast-food chain to become publicly listed, announces today it is to open an impressive 36 new locations throughout Alberta and British Columbia as the company continues to see success. The news comes just weeks after the fast-growing chain announced the launch of Preposterous Foods, a new range of proprietary plant-based proteins and dairy alternatives such as burgers, chickUn fillets, sausage, and dairy-free sauces, which will be distributed exclusively through Sysco, the world’s largest foodservice company.  Odd Burger currently operates six locations and there are an additional eleven in planning and construction stages, including Calgary and Victoria franchises. Expansion planned through 2030 Odd Burger has signed an area representative agreement with Sai-Ganesh Enterprises (SGE), a hospitality group specializing in franchising …