Vegan gelatin alternative

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Alland & Robert Launches Vegan Gelatin Alternative With Improved Texture & Elasticity

Natural gum expert Alland & Robert has developed a texturising agent that could serve as a vegan gelatin alternative. Called Syndeo Gelling, the agent is made entirely from plant-based hydrocolloids and gum acacia. According to Alland & Robert, most vegan gelatin alternatives on the market fall short in terms of texture and elasticity, but Syndeo Gelling addresses these issues. The ingredient is said to have the beneficial properties of both pectin and gelatin, providing low hardness and high elasticity without stickiness. It is also neutral-tasting, odourless, and colourless. This allows for the reformulation of existing sweets and supplements, and possibly even desserts such as mousses. Animal-free gelatin Worldwide, various producers have been attempting to develop sustainable and animal-friendly alternatives to gelatin. In the US, Provenance …


Stephanie Michelsen Jellatech

Founder Stephanie Michelsen, image by Camilo F. Muñoz Segovia

Investments & Finance

Canada: CULT Announces Strategic Investment in Cultivated Collagen & Gelatin Pioneer Jellatech

Canadian investment company CULT Food Science Corp. announces it has completed a strategic investment in Jellatech Inc., the world’s first cell-based collagen and gelatin ingredient company. Jellatech also counts Ryan Bethencourt’s Sustainable Food Ventures as a prominent investor. Jellatech, founded in 2020 by Stephanie Michelsen, who has been included on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list for 2022, closed a $2 million pre-seed fundraise last April. Stephanie’s sister Nikita is also operating in the cultivated arena, having recently launched new startup Pearlita, with a new research lab in Raleigh, NC to grow oysters from cellular agriculture.  Impressive portfolio CULT has made several key investments in animal-free companies over the past six months, including cell-cultured meat company Novel Farms last August; into Biftek, producer of a …


pea-based softgel

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Roquette Develops Gelatin-Free Pea-Based Softgel to Make Medications Vegan-Friendly

Roquette has created a pea-based softgel solution that can be used to make an alternative to gelatin capsules. The new launch will make it easier for companies to produce vegan-friendly medications and supplements. Made from pea starch, carrageenan, sorbitol, and a gelling agent, Roquette’s ready-to-use pharmaceutical-grade solution is called LYCAGEL™ Premix. It is fully plant-based and meets EU and US standards for both pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products. The solution allows manufacturers to easily make capsules with comparable characteristics to the conventional gelatin-based variety. These characteristics include strength, seal integrity, quick drying time with no stickiness, fast disintegration, and no cross-linking. The capsules also have a higher processing temperature suitability than gelatin. Animal-free pharmaceuticals Around 70% of medications contain ingredients of animal origin. Surveys suggest that …


Photographs by Jellatech, Captured by Camilo F. Muñoz Segovia


Jellatech Announces $2M Pre-seed Round For Animal Free Gelatin & Collagen

North Carolina-based biotech startup Jellatech today announces a $2 million pre-seed fundraise to further develop its cell-based, animal-free collagen and gelatin products which have applications in skincare & cosmetics, and medical & pharmaceutical as well as food & beverage. According to TechCrunch, the global collagen market is expected to reach $7.5 billion by 2027 and the gelatin market is set to hit $6.7 billion over the same period. With conscious consumerism on the rise in the wake of Covid, demand for sustainable, vegan alternatives is increasing globally. Jellatech is producing real collagen and gelatin through cellular agriculture, as opposed to through the isolation of these parts from meat industry byproducts. The company reports that it has received several inquiries from potential customers and partners keen …