Zoe Mayer of the German Green Party

Zoe Mayer of the German Green Party © Plant Based Treaty

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Paradigm Shift in German Federal Budget 2024: €38M for “Conversion of Animal Husbandry” and Protein Transition

Zoe Mayer (Alliance 90/The Greens), member of the Bundestag, states in a press release that she recognises the agreement on the 2024 federal budget as a “paradigm shift” in state support for agriculture. Her comments are as follows. “The intensive negotiations on the budget have paid off. Our budget holders were able to push through key green demands that represent nothing less than a paradigm shift in the agricultural sector’s funding system. For the first time, a large sum – 38 million euros in 2024 – will be earmarked for the promotion of alternative protein sources and the switch to plant-based agriculture, after decades of focusing primarily on subsidising livestock farming. This is a clear commitment to the protein transition. “At the same time, the …