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Studies & Numbers

USA: Non-GMO Project Finds Absence of GM Ingredients Vital to Plant-Based Shoppers

According to non-profit organization the Non-GMO Project, as the plant-based food market matures, buyer preferences are becoming more nuanced and apparent. The Non-GMO Project states that shopper behavior indicates that not all plant-based foods are perceived equally by consumers. The organization says there is a growing awareness that some plant-based foods have no real health advantages over traditional, conventional products such as meat, eggs and dairy. For example, most shoppers want to avoid GMOs – and this is especially true when it comes to plant-based products. This means that a GMO ingredient can negate the supposed benefits of a plant-based product. Shoppers’ continued preference for non-GMO ingredients is an important part of the plant-based food conversation. Consumers are signaling their aversion to genetic engineering through …


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Muntons Launches PlantMalt Clean Label Ingredients for Meat Alternatives

Muntons, one of the world’s most significant malt and malted ingredients companies, announces the launch of PlantMalt, a new line of grain, liquid, and powdered malt extracts to be used in plant-based foods to make better meat analogs. According to Muntons, PlantMalt has been developed to help manufacturers achieve succulent flavours, texture, colour, and mouthfeel of meat alternatives. PlantMalt’s line was created by consulting alternative protein experts and adding Muntons’ extensive knowledge of malts. Richard Platt, the senior product development technologist at Muntons, said: “As a team, we fully immersed ourselves into the plant-based category, benchmarking the existing products, we were able to understand the challenges that manufacturers are facing. We identified the common ingredients used and understood their functionalities before creating our own plant-based burger, sausage, …


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Products & Launches

NuttZo Bold BiteZ: High Protein & Low Sugar

The American company NuttZo, which specializes in organic nut and seed butters, recently introduced a new vegan snack. The snack bar Bold BiteZ will be available in the flavours ‘Peanut Pro Cacao Nibs + Probiotics’ and ‘Power Fuel Maple + Matcha’. The vegan bar is the ideal snack for health-conscious and sporty food lovers, due to its low sugar content and high protein content.


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Danone Subsidiary Celebrates Successful Bike-to-Work Week

Silk, a subsidiary of Danone North America specializing in plant-based foods, organized a “Bike-to-Work Week” from May 14-18 this year. This was intended to raise awareness of a healthier lifestyle. The campaign received high-profile support from Antoni Porowski, a well-known nutrition activist, who is featured in the “Queer Eye” series on Netflix.