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Bel France Launches Nurishh Vegan Feta Cubes & Goat’s Cheese

Bel France has launched two new plant-based cheeses under its Nurishh brand, as it works towards the goal of making half of its portfolio dairy-free by 2030. Nurishh dés Végétaux à la Grecque is an alternative to feta cubes, made in France at the company’s Saint-Nazaire factory. Another new product is the Palet Végétal Saveur Chèvre, a wheel-shaped plant-based alternative to goat’s cheese. Both are made from coconut oil and are available for retail and food service. Nurishh first launched in 2021 in the US, offering a variety of sliced and shredded vegan cheeses; it was Bel’s first fully dairy-free brand. At around the same time, the company announced it would be developing plant-based versions of its conventional cheese brands, including Babybel, Boursin, and The …