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Heura Launches “World’s First” Additive-Free York-Style Plant-Based Ham

Spanish alt meat brand Heura has launched a new product that it describes as a world first — additive-free York-style plant-based ham slices. The product has 64% protein density while being low in total and saturated fat. Through the launch, Heura hopes to attract consumers who are turning away from processed deli meats due to their link to chronic diseases such as bowel cancer. Spanish people are currently said to consume eight times more processed meat than recommended by the World Health Organization. With their high nutrient density and lack of additives, the new slices remove two of the most common consumer objections to plant-based meats — that they are too processed and not nutritionally equivalent to animal meat. “In the context of a health …


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La Vie Announces €1M Crowdfunding Campaign, Launches Vegan Ham & Virtual Restaurant

La Vie, a French producer of plant-based pork products, has announced a new crowdfunding campaign and product launch as it continues to see rapid growth across Europe. The campaign will take place on Crowdcube from September 7 to 28, with the aim of raising €1 million. It follows a period of considerable success for the company, with 2.5 million products sold in the past 18 months — equivalent to one every 12 seconds. Despite challenging market conditions, La Vie has seen 379% year-on-year growth, and can now be found at 4,600 retail stores and 3,000 restaurants across Europe. In the UK, the brand has seen 144% growth since its launch last year, and is present at major retailers such as Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, and Ocado. Through …


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Products & Launches

Squeaky Bean Launches Vegan Crumbed Ham Style Slices

British plant-based meat brand Squeaky Bean launches vegan Crumbed Ham Style Slices created from wheat and pea-based proteins. The slices are low in saturated fat and high in protein. Featuring a golden breadcrumb coating, they are said to be ideal in sandwiches, salads, or on their own as a snack. The new product comes a month after Squeaky Bean launched its snack-size vegan sausage rolls with bacon-style pieces. The brand also introduced its first frozen range — featuring chicken-style nuggets, dippers, and poppers — in March. For Veganuary, Squeaky launched chilled plant-based chicken pieces in two varieties — Seasoned and Tandoori. Significant growth After introducing a wide range of new products since its launch in 2019, Squeaky Bean reported in November that it had reached …


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Meat- and Fish Alternatives

Wheaty “Redefines the Vegan Sausage” in Celebration of 30th Anniversary

To celebrate its 30th anniversary, the pioneering vegan meat brand Wheaty has announced new NPDs — two bratwurst-style sausages — that will be unveiled at BIOFACH 2023 this February in Nuremberg, Germany. “Two upcoming Wheaty products redefine the vegan sausage – again,” declares the German brand. “These two products set themselves apart from legacy vegan sausages through an incredible taste, unmatched juiciness, and an edible vegan peel that can be fried in the pan along with the sausage,” says Wheaty. Europe’s alt meat pioneer The Wheaty brand was developed by TOPAS, a European pioneer in the alt meat space, offering meat and sausages made with organic wheat protein, founded by Klaus Gaiser way back in 1993. According to Wheaty, the brand’s commitment to following EU …