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California’s Renegade Foods Launches Holiday Charcuterie Kit of Vegan Salamis

Renegade Foods has announced the launch of a curated Holiday Charcuterie Kit offering a variety of artisanal, premium organic salamis made entirely from plants, such as a Soppressata, Italian Toscana and spicy Chorizo. The company counts Ryan Bethencourt of Wild Earth and Sustainable Food Ventures as its advisor. The mission of the two founders, sisters Iona Campbell and Kalie Marder, is to empower communities to make more considerate food choices, stating, that it “isn’t just about the food, it’s about having a positive impact on our planet and all animals that call it home”. Small Board – $85.00 MSRP – Kit contains: 3-pack of Renegade Salami (Smoky Soppressata, Sweet Toscana, Spicy Chorizo) Moonshot Snacks Organic Sourdough Sea Salt Climate-Friendly Crackers Nuts on the Run Rosemary Almonds Steve’s …



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Amari Presents New Plant-Based Dishes in Seven Hotels in Thailand

More and more people are opting for a plant-based diet free of artificial ingredients. In addition to its many health benefits, awareness of the harmful environmental impact of animal agriculture has encouraged many people to adopt a vegan lifestyle. In order to raise travellers’ awareness of a more environmentally friendly diet, the Asian hotel brand Amari, along with the social group Green Monday from Hong Kong, is offering a diverse selection of plant-based dishes in seven of its accommodations in Thailand. The company’s vegetarian and vegan dishes range from spinach risotto with vegan mozzarella cheese to homemade fettuccine with pesto and cabbage spring rolls, served with a garden salad and traditional miso sauce. All dishes are made with fresh and regional ingredients. The Amari branches …