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New Online Course “The Vegan Interior Design Method” Launches Today

A new 6-week online course called The Vegan Interior Design Method, created by Aline Dürr, founder and creative director of Vegan Interior Design and writer of a 2020 book on the topic, sets out to provide anyone with the tools to create healthy, sustainable and cruelty-free interior designs. It is a creative approach to ending animal exploitation and the celebration of healthy and sustainable design evolution, says the founder. The Sydney, Australia-based expert, who also organised the Vegan Interior Design Week in 2021, says to vegconomist that the “concept of ‘The Vegan Interior Design Method’ goes beyond the usual interior design trends and courses. It explores the challenges surrounding climate and ecological change through the lenses of interior design, ethics, health and technology. Students, whether …




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The Vegan Interior Design Week Will Set Out to Be World’s Leading Ethical Interior Design Movement

The first ever Vegan Interior Design Week has been announced for November 2021, featuring over 30 global speakers, panel discussions, virtual exhibitors, and networking sessions. The event is not only for vegans, but any interior designers and design aficionados interested in sustainable, healthy, and conscious design choices.   “Just like any conference, in person or online, the real change happens from the connections we make” – Aline Dürr With the aim of becoming the world’s leading ethical interior design movement, Vegan Interior Design Week is the brainchild of award-winning interior architect and Founder of Vegan Interior Design, Aline Dürr. Dürr came to prominence with her book on vegan interior design which expertly explains easily implemented, cruelty-free, healthy, and sustainable interior design processes.  Exploring the challenges surrounding …


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New Book Explains How to 100% Veganise Your Home, Office, Hotel (and why towels are not vegan)

Award-winning interior architect and Founder / Director of Vegan Interior Design, Aline Dürr has released a book to help vegans and non-vegans alike to create 100% cruelty free, sustainable interiors. Did you know that some paint is not vegan? That towels are not vegan? That the leather on a couch could come from dogs or cats?


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Chloe Bullock - Materialise Interiors

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Designer Chloe Bullock is UK’s First Certified Vegan Interior Designer

The UK’s first vegan certified interior designer Chloe Bullock has declared 2019 the year of ethical interior design. Brighton based Bullock, who founded Materialise Interiors 13 years ago to provide cruelty free, environmentally friendly interiors for both business and residence builds and redesigns, is spearheading what she believes will be a growing trend in the New Year.


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VeganDesign: “Over Half of Consumers Prefer Buying Brands That are Ethical”

As people across the globe are slowly waking up to veganism and to the importance of paying urgent attention to sustainability, it makes sense that animal-free interior design is an industry set to experience massive growth. Vegan Design is a US-based, PETA-certified, community of advisors and mentors, who offer a platform for receiving cutting edge advice and also curate and sell affordable vegan furniture.