US hospitals offer more plant-based options

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How US Hospitals Are Using Stealth Strategies to Reduce Patients’ Meat Consumption

US hospitals may have cracked the code when it comes to convincing patients to eat more healthy, sustainable, plant-based meals. After years of struggling to get patients interested in vegan options or Meatless Mondays, healthcare providers have realized that describing meals as “vegetarian” or “vegan” can be off-putting. Since most patients do not identify with these labels, they believe the food is not for them and continue to choose more conventional options. The solution? Some hospitals, such as Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital in Boston, Massachusettes, are emphasizing what is included in the dish rather than what isn’t. Menu options are described with reference to their flavor and other benefits, with no direct mention of the fact that they do not contain meat. Additionally, meat …


Kate Farms Plant-Based Nutrition

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Kate Farms Closes $75M Series C Round to Expand Plant-Based Nutrition in Hospitals

Kate Farms, a leader in plant-based nutritional formulas, announces it has closed $75M in Series C funding, in a round led by life science investor Novo Holdings. The funding brings the company’s total raise to over $135M, and will be used to fuel additional innovation in the brand’s portfolio, develop new products and enter new market channels. “I’m pleased that… investors appreciate the significant potential of plant-based nutrition and Kate Farms’ leadership in this rapidly growing market” Accessible in over 95% of US hospitals, including top children’s hospitals, Kate Farms produces plant-based, organic and clinically demonstrated formulas for those with chronic illnesses and acute conditions. Its entire product portfolio, used for tube and oral feeding, is USDA organic and non-GMO certified, while being free from common …