3DBT cultivated meat steak

Image courtesy of 3D Bio-Tissues

Cultivated Meat

3DBT Says it Has Developed the First Truly 100% Cultivated Meat Steak. Here’s Why.

UK-based biotech company 3D Bio-Tissues (3DBT) announces it has successfully developed what it claims to be the “world’s first” 100% cultivated meat steak. Although Aleph Farms likely holds the industry’s milestone for the “world’s first” cultivated steak (let us know if we’re wrong); 3DBT argues that the difference with other companies is that its fillet was grown without plant-based scaffolds making it the world’s first “100% meat” cultivated steak.  “Some other companies have produced lab-grown meat using plant-based scaffolds to facilitate the development of muscle, fat, and connective tissue. These are classified as hybrid cultivated meat products,” responded George Esmond when vegconomist enquired about the “world’s first” claim. A moot point for the industry Are cultivated products, grown using plant-based ingredients, to be considered hybrid products? We have …


Grillido hybrid

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Investments & Acquisitions

BENEO Buys 14% Stake in Grillido, Producer of Hybrid, Vegetarian & Vegan Products

BENEO, a leading manufacturer of functional ingredients, announces it is taking a 14% stake in German startup Grillido, a producer of hybrid, vegetarian and vegan products, marking the next step in the company’s plant-based protein strategy. Munich-based Grillido is focused on the development, production, marketing and distribution of meat alternative products, as well as other products linked to BBQ foods, and employs around 30 staff. Next to e-commerce, its multi-channel sales approach also covers retail and foodservice sales. The development follows several steps in the plant-based arena from BENEO. In May of 2022, the company revealed plans for a new €50 million fava bean processing plant to strengthen its portfolio and meet the growing demand for plant-based proteins. Just days later, BENO announced the acquisition …


believer meats' cultivated chicken dish


Cultivated, Cell-Cultured & Biotechnology

Groundbreaking Findings From BELIEVER Meats “Break That Big Wall of No” For Cultivated Chicken

A new study led by BELIEVER Meats as published in Nature Foods unveils a comprehensive, cost-efficient GMO-free production method for cultivated chicken. According to BELIEVER Meats, in the study conducted by its founder and CTO Professor Yaakov Nahmias, researchers have found answers to some of the industry’s challenges regarding cost-efficiency and transparency in cultivated chicken production. “These findings break that ‘big wall of no’ described by Paul Wood and David Humbrid in last year’s The Counter article that challenged the feasibility of lab-grown meat,” BELIEVER Meats states. The production of non-GMO immortal cell lines, new standards for transparency in the field According to the cultivated meat company, the study shows that producing non-tumorigenic cell lines without genetic engineering and long-term stability is possible. BELIEVER Meats says researchers …


Fairs & Events

ProVeg Webinar: Hybrid Products – When Plant-Based Meets Cultivated

Food awareness organisation ProVeg International recently released a report on consumer acceptance of hybrid products blending plant-based and cultivated ingredients. In comparison to conventional meat, cultivated meat offers numerous benefits in terms of taste, health, food justice, animal welfare, and the environment. However, it will be some time before cultivated meat products reach the market, other than in Singapore, where it has already gained regulatory approval. Ethical foods In the meantime, there are opportunities to combine plant-based with cultivated meat ingredients in order to respond more quickly to consumer demands for healthier, more sustainable, and more ethical food products. Developing specific cultivated-meat components, such as fat, means facing fewer technological and regulatory hurdles compared to developing a complete meat product, and thus has the potential …


vtt's hybrid alternative meat burger made using plant ingredients and celullar agriculture

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

Cultivated, Cell-Cultured & Biotechnology

Finland’s VTT Develops Realistic Meat Alternatives Using Local Crops and Cell Ag

Finland’s VTT Technical Research Centre, one of Europe’s leading research institutes, announces the successful development of realistic meat alternatives using a breakthrough scientific approach that creates hybrid products. The research centre claims it possesses a “unique toolbox” that combines plant-based and cellular agriculture ingredients to replicate the building blocks of animal meat, such as proteins and lipids, to create alternative meats with a 100% identical sensory experience. VTT’s multi-technique approach will allow food producers to turn “under-utilised” or local crops such as fava beans and sorghum into next-generation alternatives to meat on an industrial scale. One of the main features of its scientific approach, VTT says, is that it unlocks the high nutritional value of plant-based raw materials rarely used in mainstream meat alternative products.   Nesli Sözer, research …


meatable's cultivated pork sausages

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Cultivated Meat

World’s First Hybrid Cultivated Meat Innovation Center Coming in 2023

Dutch cultivated meat company Meatable announces a partnership with Singaporean plant-based butcher Love Handle to build the world’s first hybrid cultivated meat innovation center in Singapore. The two companies will jointly invest around $6 million to inaugurate the center in 2023 and will collaborate to develop hybrid meat products for the Singaporean and global markets. The Future of Meat innovation center will unite the two alternative protein sectors to satisfy the world’s growing demand for meat without harming the planet. It will also serve as a testing ground for other food tech startups looking to create new products. Krijn de Nood, Meatable‘s co-founder and CEO, said: “We’re delighted to announce this partnership with Love Handle to build the world’s first innovation center for hybrid cultivated meat products. Ken …


Plant-based pea-fungi products

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Fungi, Mushrooms & Mycelium

Peas of Heaven Launches Frozen Pea Protein Hybrids in Collaboration With Mycorena

Peas of Heaven announces the launch of a “totally unique range of products” combining pea protein and Mycorena’s mycoprotein ingredient Promyc. Peas of Heaven is known for its fresh pea-based meat alternatives ranging from burgers meatballs, bacon, mince, and various types of sausage, which sold out within 24 hours upon the opening of the brand’s online store last spring. Mycorena is a food tech that works with fungi technology to create its mycelium-based protein Promyc. Earlier this year, the two Swedish brands developed The Converter, the first hybrid vegan sausage made using pea protein and Promyc. Following its success, the companies again joined forces to create this newly announced range of frozen products. Julia Granung, head of product development at Peas of Heaven, said: “We see …


Peace of Meat-hybrid-nuggets-MeaTech

Hybrid nuggets © MeaTech

Cultivated Meat

Peace of Meat Announces Cultured Avian Capabilities

MeaTech 3D announces today that Peace of Meat, the Belgian supplier of cultured fat that it fully acquired in December 2020 for around $20 million, has established a stable and unique avian cell line with a clear upscaling path. Peace of Meat says it plans to commercialize its product by collaborating with conventional meat producers as well as other alt protein companies to produce a range of sustainable hybrid products, echoing the sentiments of others in the industry who assert that hybrids are a productive way to work with the meat industry in order to produce less meat, including Planteneers, DSM, Future Meat, and Nova Meat to name a few. Last year, Peace of Meat successfully produced 700 grams of cultured chicken fat biomass in …


DSM Gilbert Verschelling

Gilbert Verschelling ©DSM


DSM: “Hybrids of Animal and Cell-Based or Plant-Based and Cell-Based Protein Will Start to Appear”

Gilbert Verschelling, Director of Business Development & Innovation says that DSM is keeping an eye on the growing developments in cell-based protein, predicting that hybrid products will play a part in future protein solutions. What products did DSM launch for the plant-based market in 2021? The plant-based market has seen phenomenal growth in recent years, both in consumer demand and new product launches. In 2021, over 4,500 new plant-based meat and dairy alternative products were introduced globally.[1] Consumers are spoiled for choice. Producers, however, are faced with the ever-increasing challenge of differentiating their offerings, ensuring a great taste and texture, enhancing nutritional profiles and navigating fragmented regulatory landscapes. Additionally, they must bring their products to market quickly and are therefore continually looking to shorten and simplify …


Mission Barns

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Cultivated, Cell-Cultured & Biotechnology

HEROTEIN Partners With Mission Barns to Bring First Hybrid Cultivated / Plant-Based Meat Products to China

HEROTEIN, formerly HERO Protein, announces it has entered into a strategic partnership with Berkeley-based cell cultivated fat producer Mission Barns to launch hybrid cultivated meat/plant-based meat products. The company states its intention to be the first to commercialize such products in China. The Shanghai company closed an $850K pre-seed funding round this February and in May announced that Vicky Lee, former CMO of McDonald’s Taiwan, had been onboarded as CEO, joining former senior R&D executives from some of the largest plant-based meat brands in the world including Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods. Mission Barns raised $24 million in a Series A round this April, with plans to upscale its cell-cultured fat technology and build a pilot factory in the Bay Area. High profile investors in …



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3D Technology

NovaMeat to Showcase 3D Printed Steaks at Alt Protein Conference 9th September

The Future of Meat: Hybrid is the theme of this year’s Alt Protein Conference, organised by Protein Directory and Cell Agri. Experts in the field of proteins of the future will be speaking, including Giuseppe Scionti, CEO and founder of NovaMeat, a Spanish company that develops plant-based and 3D cellular meat. The focus of the event is on companies that are transforming the future of meat through cultured and plant-based meat, referring to the future of meat as hybrid. According to the event’s official website, attendees will be able to learn “about the key business opportunities in alternative proteins as the field moves towards hybrid products and network with business leaders and scientists from both cellular agriculture and the plant-based alternative protein industry.” The event …


Better Meat Co

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Better Meat Co. Announces Mycoprotein Fermentation Facility in Sacramento

The Better Meat Co., a producer of plant protein ingredients, announced the opening of a new fermentation plant that will produce Rhiza, the company’s new mycoprotein superfood ingredient. The first brand in agreement to use the ingredient is The Plant-Based Seafood Co. The business-to-business ingredients company will initially employ 16 people in West Sacramento. While the plant’s primary purpose is to serve as an R&D corporate headquarters, it will produce and supply thousands of pounds of Rhiza to select food companies for use as an ingredient in both plant-based and hybrid animal-based meat products. “If we’re serious about lessening humanity’s footprint on the planet, we need to get serious about our food-print, and that means reducing our reliance on animals for food,” said Better Meat …


Cultivate Tomorrow Cell Ag Hackathon Event

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Moolec Science Expands Portfolio in Mission to “Address Dependency of Animal Proteins in Every Segment of the Food Industry”

Moolec Science, a global Ag-Foodtech company based in the UK whose purpose is improving the affordability of animal-free food solutions, presents its latest two developments which join its working portfolio of meat analogs made with blends of soybean with selected porcine proteins and pea with bovine proteins.


tyson nuggets

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Food & Beverage

Tyson Removes Eggs From “Plant-Based” Range, Cancels Hybrid Burger

Tyson Foods has announced changes to its “plant-based” nuggets to make them vegan-friendly. The first run of the Raised & Rooted range came to the market in 2019 and contained egg whites. David Ervin, VP of alternative protein, has revealed that the egg will now be removed to fit the growing demand for vegan products.