Perfect Day and Unico Nutrition launch a hybrid protein powder featuring whey protein from fermentation and dairy proteins

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New Chapter for Animal-Free Whey Protein: Perfect Day Expands into the Hybrid Dairy Category

Perfect Day, now describing itself as a producer of whey from fermentation, rather than a producer of animal-free whey, announces a partnership with sports supplements brand Unico Nutrition to launch what they claim is the first-ever hybrid protein powder, Apollo II. The new product — not vegan — is a hybrid version of Unico Nutrition’s best-selling protein powder. Its unique formula combines grass-fed milk protein, egg white, and sustainable whey made from fermentation, explains Perfect Day. “This first-of-its-kind hybrid product, combining the best of traditional dairy and our dairy from fermentation, marks an exciting new chapter in how we are extending our kinder, greener impact. Unico’s Apollo II brings to life what’s possible when you are deeply committed to collaboration,” says Paul Vraciu, head of commercial at …