Wicked Ice Cream, Stew and Mac & Cheeze

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Wicked Kitchen Expands Grocery Line with Birthday Cake Ice Cream, Heat-and-Eat Stews and Mac & Cheeze

Global plant-based brand Wicked Kitchen announces it is expanding its US grocery range with several varieties of heat-and-eat stews, mac ‘n cheeze and an all-new Birthday Cake ice cream pint. The company will be sampling its latest offerings at the upcoming Expo West in Anaheim, CA. According to Wicked, it is expanding its lineup during a time of “high growth” for the brand, as it continues to rapidly increase nationwide retail distribution points.  The new ice cream, stews and mac & cheezes add to the 50+ products Wicked already sells in the frozen and grocery categories. The latest offerings include: Birthday Cake Ice Cream Sweet “ice dream” with vegan cake pieces and rainbow sprinkles.  Heat & Serve Stews      Tuscan Style White Bean Stew …


Hemp Milk Ice Cream

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Products & Launches

Planet Based Foods Enters Frozen Dessert Category with Organic Hemp Milk Ice Cream

Planet Based Foods, maker of innovative hemp-based meat, announces it is expanding into non-dairy frozen desserts with new organic hemp-based vegan ice cream. Available in three flavors, the company will debut the new ice cream to retail and food service buyers at the upcoming Expo West in Anaheim, CA.  According to Planet Based, the new ice cream is an allergen-friendly dessert that is free from soy, gluten, dairy and GMO ingredients. Made with an organic hemp milk base and other premium plant-based ingredients, the product was developed by Chief Innovation Officer Robert Davis, who drew on his years of experience in the non-dairy foods category.  The company’s “exceptionally creamy” formulations are available in four flavors:  Butter Pecan –  Featuring a creamy, buttery taste with lightly …



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Valsoia Launches Vegan Gelato “Unlike Any Other Plant-Based Ice Cream on the Market”

Valsoia, Italy’s leading producer of plant-based products, launches a new line of Italian vegan gelato for consumers across Europe. New flavours such as Espresso Cones with Chocolate Chips, and Triple Pistachio Mini Sticks join an extensive non-dairy range which includes Cocoa Swirl and Roasted Almond Cones, and vegan ice cream sandwiches. The company states that its factory is 100 % dairy-free to avoid risk of cross-contamination with dairy products, and claims the “gelato is unlike any other plant-based ice cream on the market, thanks to expertly selected cashews, oats, rice, and soy, which provide the perfect canvas for a rich and delicious flavours experience.” The company produces a wide range of plant-based milks, yogurts, ice creams, puddings, cream cheeses, burgers and cutlets, pizzas, snacks, and …


EatKinda ice cream

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Milk- and Dairy Alternatives

EatKinda: Innovative Dairy-Free Ice Cream Made From Upcycled Cauliflower

EatKinda is a New Zealand company making plant-based ice cream with an unusual key ingredient — cauliflower. The brand was founded in 2020 by longtime vegan Jenni Matheson and food technology student Milli Kumar. To make the ice cream, cauliflower that would otherwise be wasted is combined with ingredients such as coconut oil, pea protein, and chickpea flour to give a rich, creamy texture. The product is currently available in three flavours: Strawberry Swirl, Chocolate Swirl, and Mint Choco Bikkie. In blind taste tests, it is said to have performed equally to conventional dairy ice cream. Lost crops EatKinda’s journey so far has not been without its challenges — 460kg of cauliflower earmarked for use in the ice cream was lost in floods earlier this …


Seitan wraps, image from AGRANA

Image supplied by AGRANA

Fairs & Events

AGRANA to Showcase Vegan Ice Cream & Wheat-Based Alt Meat at BIOFACH Fair

Fruit, starch, and sugar group AGRANA is set to attend the BIOFACH fair, the world’s largest trade fair for organic foods. AGRANA will exhibit a range of organic products at the event in Nuremberg, Germany. These will include some plant-based options, such as a new coconut-based ice cream with red berries and chai spices. The company will also display grain proteins such as vital wheat gluten, which can be used to make meat alternatives. Gluten is said to be an excellent protein source, with remarkable water absorption and viscosity properties that can improve the texture of plant-based meats. Available to sample BIOFACH visitors will be able to sample AGRANA’s meat alternatives in the form of a BBQ wrap with spicy pepper-onion sauce and a chicken-style …


Breyers Vegan Vanilla Ice Cream


Products & Launches

Unilever Adds Breyers Oat Milk and Talenti Dairy-Free Gelato to US Ice Cream Line

CPG giant Unilever, the world’s largest ice cream manufacturer, is expanding its US dairy-free ice cream offerings with a new range of innovations from Breyers and Talenti gelato.   Legacy ice cream brand Breyers is rolling out Breyers Non-Dairy Vanilla – its first all-vanilla plant-based ice cream flavor. Featuring an upgraded formula made with real oat milk, Breyers Non-Dairy Vanilla is one of the first dairy-free ice creams to be offered in a large 1.5 quart tub.  Since 2015, Breyers has sold a separate line of plant-based ice creams made with almond milk.  Better gelato Another Unilever brand, Talenti, reveals it is adding a new selection of dairy-free gelato to its lineup. Crafted from cashew butter and oat milk, the Dairy-Free gelatos are said to match …


Ben & Jerry's Vegan Oatmeal Ice Cram

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Products & Launches

After 10 Years, Ben & Jerry’s ‘Most Requested’ Oatmeal Ice Cream Re-Launches with Partake Cookies

Ben & Jerry’s announces it is bringing back its long-sought-after ice cream flavor, Oatmeal Cookie Chunk, as an all-new non-dairy dessert: Oatmeal Dream Pie. Created in collaboration with Partake Foods, the new ice cream features Partake Gluten-Free Oatmeal Cookies and will soon appear in US stores as a full-time dairy-free addition.  Ben & Jerry’s discontinued the fan favorite Oatmeal Cookie Chunk in 2012; since then, the Vermont-based company has reported it as its most commonly-requested flavor by fans. The new Oatmeal Crème Pie features Partake’s allergy-friendly oatmeal cookies combined with marshmallow swirls. The dessert is certified vegan and will retail for an MRSP of $5.99 – $6.49 per pint. “Foodie fans can rejoice this new version of our nostalgic offering,” said Flavor Guru, Chris Rivard, …


Vegan Butter Toffee Ice Cream

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Food & Beverage

Miyoko’s Creamery and Frankie & Jo’s Bring Back Exclusive Holiday Ice Cream

Miyoko’s Creamery and Seattle ice cream shop Frankie & Jo’s announce the return of their exclusive holiday ice cream collaboration featuring Miyoko’s award-winning butter.  Toffee and more Launching December 1st, the new vegan Butter Toffee and Chocolate Ice Cream includes caramel ice cream swirled with bite-sized butter toffee bars dipped in dark chocolate. The unique flavor is made from Miyoko’s cultured vegan butter, a premium dairy-free butter used by top chefs throughout the country.  The new pint collaboration, which runs through the month of December, will be available at all Seattle locations of Frankie & Jo’s as well as through nationwide US shipping on Miyoko’s website.  Artisan ice cream Frankie & Jo’s is a popular plant-based ice cream shop with three store locations in Seattle, …


chickp's vegan ice cream prototype in a scoop

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ChickP Develops Plant-Based Ice Cream Prototype with ‘Dairy’s Full Sensory Experience’

ChickP, the Israeli food tech company specializing in chickpea protein, has introduced protein isolates customized for dairy-free ice cream. The company claims to have developed a creamy plant-based ice cream prototype that offers the full sensory experience of dairy.  ChickP states that its protein isolates will help manufacturers overcome the challenges of texture, flavour, and use of additives when making dairy-free ice cream. The development follows the successful use of the company’s isolates in creating a nutritious chickpea-based creamer for cappuccino and an egg replacement for vegan mayonnaise. Creating dairy-free ice cream The plant-based ice cream prototype was developed in collaboration with VANIGLIA, a premium international ice cream chain headquartered in Israel that uses 100% natural ingredients without artificial colors or preservatives.  According to ChickP, …


Unilever Dairy Proteins


Company News

Unilever May Launch Its First Animal-Free Dairy Ice Cream in 2023

Multinational food giant Unilever reveals it is currently using precision fermentation techniques to develop its first animal-free dairy ice cream. The company might launch its first precision-fermented ice cream product sometime next year, reports Bloomberg.  Unilever is the world’s largest ice cream manufacturer and owns top-selling brands like Ben & Jerry’s, Breyers, Magnum, and Klondike.  Andy Sztehlo, Unilever’s head of research and development, says the company is working with several startups on animal-free versions of its ice cream, and if successful, would likely launch fermented dairy proteins in one of its major brands in 2023. He also noted he had recently tasted prototypes.  The entry into animal-free dairy is part of Unilever’s environmental stategy, which seeks to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions produced by its …


Sophie's Vegan Ice Cream

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Algae, Microalgae & Seaweed

Sophie’s BioNutrients Develops Chlorella Ice Cream with More Iron and B12 Than Cow’s Milk

Sophie’s BioNutrients, a B2B food tech company, has collaborated with the Danish Technological Institute (DTI) to produce its first chlorella-based ice cream. Made with Sophie’s dairy-free Chlorella Protein Concentrate, the new vegan ice cream boasts a complete nutritional panel, with more B12 and iron than most dairy and plant-based alternatives.  Sophie’s Chlorella Protein is a neutral-hued microalgae flour naturally cultivated from Chlorella vulgaris. The company states the Chlorella vulgaris strains it uses are US GRAS and European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) approved as food ingredients. More nutrients To create the ice cream, the team at Sophie’s worked with DTI’s technical experts to perform an initial screening of the ingredient’s potential, before combining it with functional ingredients that mimicked ice cream’s natural texture. The finished product …


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Investments & Acquisitions

Plan(e)t Foods Raises €400K For “World’s First” Vegan & Carbon Negative Ice Cream

Plan(e)t Foods, which claims firstly to be the first vegan startup ever launched in Greece, and secondly to have developed the world’s first vegan and carbon-negative ice cream, has raised €400K in its first funding round led by Greek angel investors.  Founded in 2021 by Greg Bograkos, Plan(e)t Foods’ portfolio is currently available in more than 500 outlets across Greece. “In under 18 months of operations, we are already distributing our plant-based – and indistinguishable from dairy – ice cream through all major supermarket chains in Greece, currently available in 500+ stores,” says Bograkos. The new funds will be used to increase the company’s domestic presence through expansion into the supermarket channel. “We are proud of our impressive unit economics and growth (on track for …


Van Leeuwen banana bread

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Van Leeuwen Launches Vegan Banana Bread Pudding at 390 Sprouts Stores in 23 States

New York’s Van Leeuwen, a producer of dairy and vegan ice creams, rolls out Vegan Banana Bread Pudding — featuring vegan banana ice cream, fudge swirls, and brown sugar bread bites — into 390 Sprouts locations across 23 states.   In 2020, the company secured Series B funding of $18.7 million, and in 2021 it launched its line of dairy and vegan ice cream bars. The new retail distribution marks the brand’s first exclusive collaboration with Sprouts.   Vegan ice cream reached a value of US$ 592.8 million in 2021 and is projected to reach a value of US$ 833.8 million by 2027, exhibiting a CAGR of 5.45% during 2022-2027.   “Sprouts has been an amazing partner to Van Leeuwen the past few years, so …


Nada Moo Frozen Bites crop

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Sweets & Snacks

Cow-Free Innovator Nada Moo! to Launch Low Calorie Frozen Bites

Roughly nine months after raising $10 million in a Series B round, Texas-based NadaMoo! announces the upcoming launch of new innovation Frozen Bites, containing just 50-70 calories per serving, or 25-35 calories per bite. Founded in 2005 in Austin, Texas; Nada Moo! has cornered the market with its lower calorie, lower fat and lower sugar flavors of vegan ice cream, with a current range of over 12 dairy-free flavors. Additionally, the brand is proudly a certified minority business as well as a registered B-Corp enterprise. The Frozen Bites, which are non GMO and gluten-free certified, will launch later this year in five flavors: Salted Caramel; Mint; Peanut Butter; Mango; and Orange Creme, containing six bites in each bag.   “We’ve just made it even more …


Vegan Ice cream from Australia

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Now Vegans Can Enjoy Iconic Aussie Golden Gaytime Ice Cream

Streets, the Australian ice cream brand owned by multinational Unilever, recently launched a vegan version of Golden Gaytime, an ice cream snack sold in the country since 1959.  Streets’ decision to make a non-dairy version of its iconic ice cream comes in response to a petition by consumers asking the company for a vegan-friendly alternative. Annie Lucchitti,  Streets’ spokesperson commented on the launch, “Australians have been buying more plant-based products than ever, and we are thrilled we could bring another Aussie classic into this domain too. Golden Gaytime has been around for over 60 years, and re-creating this iconic product had to maintain the delicious expectations that come with our classic treat.” Vegan Golden Gaytime ready for summer The original Golden Gaytime is a vanilla …