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UK’s Number One Vegan Chocolate Brand NOMO Launches Vegan Lollipops

NOMO has entered the children’s confectionery market with new monster inspired choc lollies, appealing for the first time to children with allergies and intolerances. Since launching in 2019, NOMO has become officially the number one vegan and free-from chocolate brand in the UK worth £9m in RSV with the greatest market share (24.4%). In the UK it is estimated that the prevalence of food allergies is 7.1% in breastfed infants, with 1 in 40 developing peanut allergies and 1 in 20 developing an egg allergy. The most common allergies that affect children are dairy, peanuts/tree nuts and eggs. With this in mind, NOMO has created a vegan and free-from chocolate product that children with allergies to dairy, gluten, egg or nuts can enjoy, following their …