Cultivated meat in Australiav George Peppou, CEO, Matt Kean, NSW Treasurer, Tim Noakesmith, Cofounder

Vow's CEO George Peppou (left) Matt Kean, NSW Treasurer, and Tim Noakesmith, Vow's co-founder (right) © Vow

Cultivated Meat

Vow Says it Has Opened the Largest Cultivated Meat Facility in the Southern Hemisphere

Vow announces it has officially opened its Factory 1 in the presence of the New South Wales Treasurer and Energy Minister Matt Kean. The Australian cultivated meat startup states this is the largest cultivated facility both in Australia and the entire Southern Hemisphere. Vow claims that Factory 1 can produce 30 tonnes of meat annually and that this makes it the largest of its kind in the entire hemisphere. The company also announces that its Factory 2, with capability to produce 100x this scale, is already under development. Cultivated quail? Located in Alexandria, Sydney; Factory 1 has already produced successful runs of cultivated meat. The company says that its first product will soon be revealed to the world, which has been reported as being a …