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Franklin Farms Collaborates with Disney on Plant-Based Foods Featuring Mickey Mouse

Franklin Farms, a US producer of plant-based meals and burgers for retail and foodservice, announces a new collaboration with Disney featuring Mickey Mouse on its co-branded packaging. Available at retailers in the US, the new packaging encompasses six of Franklin Farms’ existing products. Beyond the visual upgrade, each product in the range features the Disney Check, a symbol signifying compliance with Disney’s Nutrition Guidelines, which, according to Disney, are based on rigorous, science-backed nutrition standards and continuously updated to reflect current nutritional research. The co-branded lineup includes the Classic Veggie Burger and Barbeque Veggie Burger. Both of these products are relatively clean-label, featuring an array of vegetables like mushrooms, carrots, corn, and red peppers, while also containing methylcellulose—a common binder found in plant-based burgers from …


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Ripple Foods Launches Unsweetened Version of ‘Ripple Kids’ in Response to Demand

The new unsweetened version of Ripple Kids Original Milk contains 8 grams of plant-based protein, 50 mg of DHA-Omega-3 and choline, and no added sugar. It was developed in response to consumer demand for an unsweetened version of Ripple Kids, one of the company’s most requested products by parents. Ripple produces a range of nutritious milks, protein shakes, coffee creamer, and frozen desserts using protein-rich yellow peas. The company raised $60 million in a Series E funding round, in 2021, surpassing its original capital goals and reporting a +20% growth rate compared to the overall alt milk industry’s +6% growth. Last year Ripple introduced Oatmilk + Protein, which combines the taste of oat milk with the protein benefits of yellow peas. Explosive growth Since its …


Kiddiwinks Chocolate and Vanilla Milk


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Kiddiwinks is Harnessing Oats and Chickpeas to Redefine Kid-Friendly Plant-Based Milk

With the retail plant-based milk market mostly catering to adults, a growing number of brands are turning to the enormous potential of dairy-free milk made especially for children. The latest entry to this hotly emerging category is Kiddiwinks, a Brooklyn-based, women-owned company making kid’s plant-based milk from oats and chickpeas.  Founded by Stephanie Banham-Eichner and Jenna Liut, Kiddiwinks was created to provide children with a healthy drink that offers key nutrients lacking in dairy milk. As Stephanie tells vegconomist: “We saw a whitespace in the market for plant-based dairy alternatives that provide the nutritional profile found in traditional dairy, and then went above and beyond to make a product that also addresses other prevalent shortfalls in children’s diets, like a lack of fiber. Given that …


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Tally Foods: “The Future of Plant-Based Milk is Providing High Nutritional Value and Serving Kids a True Milk Substitute”

In the past decade, the plant-based milk market has expanded far beyond the domain of soymilk to encompass countless new varieties, flavors and formats, which has helped transform the segment into a multi-billion dollar global industry. Despite this massive success, critics have long accused milk alternatives of being nutritionally inferior to dairy milk, and indeed, most non-dairy products currently do not meet the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA’s) nutrition standards for liquid milk substitutes.  According to Tally Foods, a new US startup making milk from chickpeas, this nutrition gap constitutes a huge problem, because one-third of all dairy milk is consumed by children, who are also the most likely to suffer from food allergies. Seeing a significant lack of allergen-friendly, plant-based milks designed to …