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PlantBaby Launches Mac Nut Kiki Milk as First Organic, Clean-Label Macadamia Nut Milk

Innovative nutrition company PlantBaby announces the launch of Mac Nut Kiki Milk, the first all-organic, clean-label macadamia nut milk. Available in shelf-stable 32 oz. cartons, Mac Nut Kiki Milk is made exclusively with organic whole food and superfood ingredients, and contains more macadamia nuts per serving than leading competitors, the company states.  As PlantBaby’s first nut-forward product offering, the new milk is said to boast a healthier nutritional profile and richer flavor than other macadamia-based milks, and is made with naturally nutrient-rich ingredients and dairy-free calcium. Shelf-stable for up to 12 months, the product’s ingredients include organic macadamia nuts, cashews, brazil nuts, sprouted pumpkin seeds, oats, coconut sugar, coconuts, and seaplant vitamin Aquamin™.  Like all PlantBaby products, Mac Nut Kiki Milk is fully organic and …


Milkadamia Vegan Milk Tea


Products & Launches

Milkadamia to Debut More Sustainable Dairy-Free Milk Tea in 2023

Dairy-free brand milkadamia announces the debut of Milk Tea, a new ready-to-drink tea featuring macadamia milk and black tea, which will launch at major retailers in January 2023.  According to milkadamia, the global popularity of milk tea – typically rich black tea made with condensed or evaporated milk – is increasing exponentially among Millenial and Gen-Z consumers. Blending black tea with milkadamia’s “slightly decadent” macadamia nut milk, the new Milk Tea contains 100 calories per serving, and will be the first US brand offered in 32 oz. multi-serve cartons, versus less sustainable single-serve packaging. Each carton will retail for an MRP of $6.99.  Healthy benefits Native to Australia, macadamia nuts offer a host of nutritional benefits, including Vitamin E, antioxidant compounds, healthy fats and soluble …


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InnovoPro and Milkadamia Debut Chickpea-Based Ice Cream at United Nations

InnovoPro, a producer of chickpea protein solutions, and plant-based brand Milkdamia have partnered to create dairy-free ice cream made with InnovoPro’s CP-Pro 70® protein. The two companies were invited to showcase the ice cream at the United Nations event for foreign Ambassadors on May 12th, in association with Israel’s Permanent Mission to the UN and The Good Food Institute. The new plant-based ice cream blends InnovoPro’s breakthrough protein technology and Milkadamia’s rich macadamia nut ice cream to create a flavorful profile with a natural texture. Thanks to the unique functionality of chickpea protein, the ice cream is able to offer a cleaner label than most comparable desserts, with no soy, gluten or GMOs. Milkadamia is also planning to launch a new line of soft-serve ice …