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New Survey Reveals Over 40% of UK Men Express Interest in Vegan Diet

Today, coinciding with World Vegan Day, The Vegan Society has revealed “encouraging” figures from its latest research showing that 41% of UK males (in the sample group) express an interest in going vegan or have said they are planning to do so. Veganism has gained popularity in the last decade, particularly in the UK; however, only 37% of the UK vegan population are men. Aware of this fact, The Vegan Society has been researching the gender imbalance in vegan and vegetarian populations to understand why men are less likely to adopt a vegan lifestyle.  Young men, traditional masculinity, and health For this new research, the organisation surveyed 1,000 men in the UK, questioning their views on adopting vegan diets and the potential barriers to veganism. The survey shows that from …


A new study about masculinity and veganism found that using masculine language to describe vegan dishes sparked men's interest in this type of food.

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Studies & Numbers

New Study Finds That Masculine Language Reshapes Men’s Perspective on Vegan Dishes

A new study published in Frontiers in Communication about masculinity and veganism found that using masculine language or attributes to describe vegan dishes sparked men’s interest in this type of food. Previous research has shown that vegetarian or vegan diets are not popular with most men despite their numerous health and environmental benefits, possibly due to the prevalent association of meat with masculinity and veganism with femininity.  To test this hypothesis, the study investigated whether vegan food can be more attractive to men by framing it in a less feminine way. The researchers conducted an online experiment with 593 participants in Germany, describing vegan dishes using conventional masculine words, colors, and fonts. The study also examined participants’ identification with new forms of masculinity. Previous studies have …


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Veganism and Masculinity: The Vegan Society’s Deep Dive on Gender Imbalance in Veganism

In recent years, the gender imbalance in vegan and vegetarian populations has received much interest from researchers seeking to explain this phenomenon. As it turns out, perhaps unsurprisingly, the reasons for this imbalance are deeply complicated. The Vegan Society’s first Research Briefing was published last month which explored the reasons why men are less likely than women to go vegan. The publication, titled Research Briefing: Veganism and Masculinity, provides a succinct overview of the topic, offering key recommendations for professional practice and identifying potential opportunities for future research. Main barriers The Research Briefing and its key recommendations were informed through careful consideration of current literature and research into effective campaign strategies. We found that the main barriers men face when going vegan are social stigma …