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Quest’s First Tasting for Microcarrier Replacements for Cultivated Meat Reveals Promising Results

Quest Meat, a UK-based B2B company specializing in high-quality cell lines and ingredients for the cell-based industry, has developed edible and food-safe microcarrier replacements —  the most promising method for scaling up the production of cultivated meat, according to the company. Recently, the team at Quest Meat conducted a microcarrier cooking test and tasting to see how they behaved in a food product. The material was blended only with rapeseed oil, shaped like a burger patty without other ingredients, binders, or cells, and cooked in a frying pan. “The tasting showed us that not only is our microcarrier replacement material scalable and sustainable, but it can also provide beneficial meat-like, visual and sensorial attributes to the final food product. I’m really excited by the potential of our material …


Founder, The Cultivated B.

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The Cultivated B Partners with denovoMATRIX to Explore Large-Scale Cultivated Meat Production

German bioengineering company The Cultivated B (TCB) announces a partnership with biotech and biomaterials company denovoMATRIX to explore the possibilities of cultivating meat on a large scale, economically, for commercial purposes.  The companies will conduct a joint feasibility study using microcarriers to overcome the limitations of growing cells in suspension. Their goal is to establish a pilot-scale cell manufacturing that can be adopted as a standard to cultivate meat at scale successfully. Dr. Hamid Noori, CEO of The Cultivated B, comments, “This collaboration not only signifies a step forward in cell line technology but also reflects our mutual dedication to progressive innovation in the cultivated meat sector.” B2B technology providers The collaboration leverages the technical competencies of the two German B2B technology providers. denovoMATRIX will …


Smart MCs is set to scale its production line to supply with microcarriers the cultivated meat industry

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Smart MCs Tackles Scalability Bottleneck in Cultivated Meat Production with Edible Microcarrier Technology

Sydney-based biotechnology company, Smart MCs, has been awarded AUD$600K by the Australian Government’s Accelerating Commercialisation Grant to revolutionize the bioprocessing industry with its edible microcarriers (MCs) for the emerging cultured meat sector. The company will establish a fully automated edible microcarrier production line with the grant’s funds. Founded in 2022, Smart MCs focuses on developing efficient and cost-effective methods for the large-scale expansion of cells, with a particular emphasis on cellular agriculture.  The startup was part of Big Idea Ventures’ sixth cohort, which launched with 16 other companies last October. Additionally, it has successfully locked two minimum viable products, closed a pre-seed round,  and expanded its team and advisors.  “We are thrilled to have been awarded this grant by the Australian Government, which will allow …