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Finnish Startup Three Mushketeers is Redefining Plant-Based Taste with Mushroom Waste

Three Mushketeers is a food tech startup from Helsinki Finland, working to revolutionize the taste of plant-based foods by using sustainable, clean-label ingredients derived from mushroom waste.  Emmi Korjus, Emma Kynkäänniemi, and Ida Nikkilä, experts in food technology, food chemistry, and nutrition science, co-founded the startup with a mission to address the main challenges faced by the vegan food industry: tastelessness and off-flavors. According to the team, despite the growing popularity of sustainable eating and veganism, 60% of consumers still dislike the taste of these products. However, Three Mushketeers says its innovative product offers a straightforward solution. Masking off-flavors Using a proprietary technology called “remush,” the startup processes by-products of mushroom cultivation into a savory powder that is said to effectively mask off-flavors in plant …


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These 3 Companies Are Creating Healthy Fat Alternatives From Mushrooms

Today, we look into three companies using mushrooms to create healthy fats for plant-based foods. Interest in mushrooms continues to grow among consumers and manufacturers since these wonders of nature, neither plants nor animals, offer exceptional functionality, encompassing supplements, textiles, meat alternatives, beverages, colorings, and now fats.  Some mushrooms have a high lipid content, composed of unsaturated fatty acids, that can be used to replace vegetable and saturated fats. According to Brazilian researchers, edible mushrooms worldwide contain linoleic, linolenic, and oleic acids (some more than others), making them an important essential fatty acid source for a healthy diet.  The global mushroom market is expected to reach $115.8 billion by 2030, and mushrooms were named Ingredient of the Year by The New York Times in 2022. 1. Scelta Mushrooms Scelta Mushrooms, …


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Houston, Texas to Gain “Smart Factory” for Mushrooms, Producing 50 Tonnes of American Mushrooms Daily

Finc announces the construction of a smart factory for mushrooms in Texas, aiming for full production one year after construction begins. Singapore-based Singapore Finc and China’s Huayuan Food Group announce the joint construction of the first smart factory for edible mushrooms in the US. The Houston, Texas-based joint venture will result in the daily production of 50 tonnes of American enoki mushrooms to help reduce the United States’ long-term dependence on imported mushrooms as demand for healthy edible mushrooms grows due to changing eating habits. The Smart Factory will use advanced technical operations for the sustainable production of edible mushrooms, with operations focusing on chemical-free, and environmentally friendly processes. Singapore Finc is a subsidiary of Shanghai Finc Biotechnology Co, LTD, and Huayuan Food Group is …