JUST Eggs at Bonnaroo Music Festival

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JUST Egg’s ‘Good Eggs Tour’ is Bringing Better Vegan Options to Summer Music Festivals

This summer, food tech leader Eat JUST launched its first large-scale marketing tour for JUST Eggs. Taking place at festivals across the US, Eat Just says the tour is bringing much-needed plant-based options to major events such as Bonnaroo, Broccoli City, and the Electric Daisy Carnival.  Feeding the masses Organized by Adrian Santos, JUST Egg’s Director of Field Marketing, The Really Good Eggs Tour was created to get “millions of eggs in as many mouths as possible in 2022”, Santos told BizBash. The brand’s vibrant Just Egg Food Studio installation features LED lights and a moving conveyor belt offering sample egg sandwiches.  On the inside, the company demonstrates how it creates its top-selling vegan egg products using mung beans and supplies festivalgoers with plenty of …


vegan society certified violin

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Master Violin-Maker Launches World’s First Vegan Society Certified Violin

Irish violin-maker Padraig O’Dubhlaoidh has developed the first ever Vegan Society certified violin. The instrument has all the qualities of a classic Italian violin, but is entirely free of animal products. O’Dubhlaoidh has long been a campaigner for sustainable and ethical violin-making, working to conserve the endangered Amazonian Pernambuco forests used to make violin bows. During lockdown, he decided to use his time to develop an entirely animal-free instrument. Currently, the vast majority of violins contain glues made from animal hooves and hides, and many violin bows are also not vegan as they are made with horsehair. But now, vegan players finally have an alternative. Animal-derived glues Glues made from animal hooves and hides are not only used in the making of musical instruments — …