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Brazil’s Concepta Ingredients Presents Sustainable Portfolio at Plant Based World NY

Concepta Ingredients will present its Rainforest product portfolio at Plant Based World Expo, which takes place September 8 & 9 in New York. A brand of Grupo Sabará; Concepta Ingredients works with natural, organic, sustainable, and traceable products with a business model committed to the local sociobiodiversity.  The B2B company claims its entire production chain is aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. “This is a unique opportunity to present to the international market all of our products and the genuinely Brazilian work carried out by Concepta Ingredients,” said Sales Manager Lilia Kawazoe. Concepta Ingredients will bring to the international market its work with Brazilian communities. The highlights will include: Plant-based butter: an ideal alternative produced under organic certification, 100% natural, gluten, trans fat, sodium fat, …


Rebecca Bennett founder of "The Solid Bar Company"

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The Solid Bar Company: “We See Enormous Potential for Growth in These Areas.”

In today’s society we assign a high value to natural personal care for our natural beauty. The young startup “The Solid Bar Company” goes one step even further and produces products which are not only plastic-free but also without the use of water, alcohol or any other chemical ingredients. They aim to create a product line, which is not only easy in use but also good for the planet. We had to take a closer look at this exemplary commitment and therefore talked with the founders about the company, the personal care market and their mission.