Quorn vegan sausage rolls with technology for visually impaired consumers

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Quorn Expands Frozen Range & Adds Codes for Visually Impaired Consumers to Packaging

Mycoprotein-based meat alternatives brand Quorn has added a new product — Mini Vegan Sausage Rolls — to its frozen range in the UK. “The new Mini Sausage Rolls are our first snacking launch in the frozen category and a great opportunity for retailers to provide more vegan options around social occasions and seasonal events. We expect the product to perform particularly well around the peak seasons of summer picnics and Christmas party season,” said Gill Riley, Marketing Director at Quorn Foods UK. The sausage rolls are the first of 42 Quorn products to carry NaviLens QR codes, which allow blind and visually impaired consumers to listen to the product’s ingredients, preparation instructions, and recycling information on their mobile devices. The codes can be read by …