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Report Says 50% of Brits Will Be Vegan or Vegetarian by 2040

A report commissioned by No Meat May has found that by 2040, 50% of UK consumers will avoid meat and 15% of will be fully vegan. The research was conducted by food futurologist Dr. Morgaine Gaye, who previously predicted the pandemic. Dr. Gaye’s research also found that within two decades, Generation Z will no longer see meat as masculine and will be ashamed to buy it in public. Reportedly, almost half of this generation already feel embarrassed when buying products containing dairy. “Dr. Gaye’s report highlights the urgency in switching to a plant-rich food system as quickly as possible.” The report also issues stark warnings about the environmental impact of animal agriculture, predicting that the planet could be uninhabitable within three decades if meat consumption …


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UK’s No Meat May Campaign Says go Plant-Based to Prevent Future Outbreaks

Two leading UK doctors are backing a campaign for public health called No Meat May. A press release sent to vegconomist informs us that the GP’s are actively campaigning to stop fuelling the animal agriculture industry, and thus help prevent future cross-contamination from zoonotic diseases like COVID 19.