Nuveg unveils a new product: instant rice noodle high protein soup

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Nuveg is Pioneering Spanish In-House Production of Dehydrated Plant-Based Solutions

Nuveg, a Catalonian brand of dehydrated plant-based food products, has unveiled its latest development at the 2024 Alimentaria fair: a high-protein instant noodles soup that is said to provide the protein equivalent of two eggs. Nuveg’s rice noodle soup is made with organic dehydrated ingredients and the company’s high-protein broth, enriched with nutritional yeast for the savory umami flavor. Free from animal products, gluten, sugar, and artificial additives, the product targets vegans, athletes, and health-conscious consumers looking for a convenient option. With this new product, the company expands its existing lineup of 15 vegan-friendly products, including vegan powdered eggs, a Parmesan-flavored yeast, meat-free Bolognese sauce, and chicken curry, among others. All Nuveg products stand out for their fiber-rich and high protein content — up to …


Chopstix Noodle Bar

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Chopstix Noodle Bar Launches Vegan Beef Stir Fry in Partnership With Miami Foods

UK chain Chopstix Noodle Bar has launched a new topping, Plant Based ‘Beef’ Stir-Fry, at selected stores. The menu option consists of plant-based beef strips, peppers, onions, chillies, garlic, and Chopstix’s Top Secret Stir Fry Sauce. It can be paired with a starchy base such as noodles, or another vegetable-based dish. Initially, the topping will be available at six Chopstix locations — Manchester, Trafford, Peterborough Extra Services, and three London restaurants (Westfield, Lewisham, and Oxford Street). It will roll out nationwide over the coming months. Chopstix Noodle Bar first launched at London’s Camden Market 20 years ago, and now has over 90 stores nationwide. The chain introduced its first vegan option, Green Thai Tofu Curry, in 2019 following significant consumer demand. Miami Foods The plant-based …


Kenchan Vegan Pork Spicy Ramen

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OMNIFoods and Kenchan Ramen Launch DIY Ramen Kits Featuring OMNI Ground Pork

Alt-protein brand OMNIFoods announces it is partnering with LA’s Kenchan Ramen to offer at-home, DIY vegan ramen kits to consumers in Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada and Utah.  Made to provide an authentic, at-home ramen experience, Kenchan Ramen’s plant-based options are now available for purchase online and include three varieties:  White Truffle Mushroom – Creamy veggie broth adn white truffle w/ spinach noodles, edamame and sauteed mushrooms, drizzled with truffle oil. Ginger Garlic Shio – An umami-filled ginger & garlic soup base with fresh noodles, sauteed mushrooms, spinach, lotus root, and onion ginger oil.  Spicy Sesame – A spicy ramen with stir-fried OmniGround pork protein, fresh noodles, edamame, chili threads and sesame seeds.  According to OMNIFoods, its plant-based OMNIPork is an all-purpose pork alternative with a …



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Itsu Launches Vegan Protein Cup Noodles Into Sainsbury’s

Itsu, an Asian-inspired healthy eating brand, has launched a new line of vegan protein noodle dishes that will be available at Sainsbury’s in the UK and on Amazon from this month. The soya bean noodles, with a handmade miso-based broth produced in Japan, offer over 20 grams of protein per serving and are available in three Asian flavours. The three flavours available are: Super Sesame: a vegan miso-based broth with a blend of nutty sesame seeds, herbs and spices Crackin’ Curry: a miso-based vegan broth with a blend of Japanese curry spices. Mega Miso: a vegan miso-based broth with a blend of spices and a hint of chilli. The handmade miso-based broth complements itsu’s existing range of popular noodle dishes and is made by Yoshihiro, …