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Menu Integration Can Nudge Consumers Toward More Sustainable Choices

With many food service businesses committing to net-zero targets, it is more important than ever to embrace sustainability on menus, normalizing the consumption of plant-based products.  Consumers are habit-driven, meaning that there’s an inherent obstacle to them adopting new eating habits, even if the desire is there in the first place. ProVeg International’s most recent report explores how choice architecture and nudge principles can be used to increase flexitarian purchases of plant-based meals across the Global North so that your business can keep pace with modern consumer demands. One of the simplest ways that companies can nudge consumers towards sustainable options is through menu integration. Segregating plant-based menu items suppresses mainstream sales. One study found that putting vegetarian items in separate areas or boxes on …


Guest Posts

The Dark Art of Behavioural Economics (and its role in shaping better plant based choices)

People hate being told what to do. Just hearing the words “you should do this” or “don’t do that” lights up an immediate sense of defiance in our brains—regardless of how rational the statement. It’s that feeling you get when, at 3am, your husband asks why you’re sitting alone in the kitchen eating an entire carrot cake… says Veronica Fil.