Hemp and nut butters

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Products & Launches

Gaia’s Farming Co. Launches Hemp and Nut Butters, More Sustainable and Nutritious Than Conventional Counterparts

UK brand Gaia’s Farming Co., best known for its hemp-based milk alternatives, has launched a new range of hemp and nut butters. Containing roasted nuts combined with hemp hearts, the products are all free of palm oil and vegan-friendly, with no added salt. The range includes hemp and peanut butter in three varieties — Almost Smooth 330g, Crunchy 330g, and Almost Smooth 1kg. Hemp and almond butter is also available, sold in a 165g jar. Additionally, Gaia’s range features two milk alternatives — barista-grade Hemp & Oat M*lk and Hemp & Coco Chocolate M*lk. The latter is award-winning and combines Gaia’s hemp base with coconut cream, cacao, and fruit sugar from grapes. Sustainable and nutritious Hemp is considered a highly sustainable ingredient as it absorbs …



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Market & Trends

Veganism Fuels the Nut Oil and Nut Butter Markets

According to Technavio’s market research report, the global market for nut oils and butters is expected to grow at an annual rate (CAGR) of close to 6% between 2018 and 2022. Technavio mentions several influencing factors for this positive trend, with the growing global vegan population already regarded as a primary factor. In addition, the report provides an analysis of key trends that may or will affect market prospects over the forecast period.