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Physicians Association for Nutrition: Plant-Based Meat is a “Healthy & Sustainable” Alternative to Animal Foods

International NGO the Physicians Association for Nutrition (PAN) has published a paper outlining its position on plant-based meat products. PAN says it recommends legumes, nuts, seeds, tofu, tempeh, and wholegrains as the healthiest and most environmentally sustainable protein options. However, the organization recognizes that plant-based meat products can provide a “healthy, sustainable and convenient alternative to meat”, particularly for those who have limited time or cooking skills. According to PAN, there can be significant variations in nutritional value between different alt meat brands, and consumers should attempt to choose those which are low in saturated fat and salt. Opting for products that have been fortified with micronutrients such as vitamin B12 is also recommended. The NGO says it supports plant-based meat brands in reformulating and …


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Updated Nordic Nutrition Recommendations Advise Plant-Forward Diet With Minimal Meat

The much-anticipated sixth edition of the Nordic Nutrition Recommendations (NNR) has finally been published, taking into account sustainability as well as health. The report has made headlines by recommending a mostly plant-based diet, rich in vegetables, fruit, whole grains, legumes, and nuts. It advises that meat consumption should be restricted to a maximum of 350 grams per week, while dairy consumption should be moderate and limited to low-fat products. Alcohol, processed foods, and products high in fat, sugar, and salt should all be kept to a minimum. Along with advising a shift in dietary patterns, the report has increased recommended intakes for nutrients such as vitamin C and folate, while adding recommendations for other nutrients such as vitamin K and choline for the first time. …


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Egg Alternatives

What’s Driving Consumers to Try Plant-Based Egg Products?

Plant-based eggs are gaining consumer favour. This isn’t a recent development, however, the rate at which the industry is growing is surprising. In its recent New Food Hub article, ProVeg International uncovers the main consumer motivators for plant-based eggs and dives into the micro-drivers within each.  Throughout the piece, ProVeg shares insights to equip businesses with the knowledge they need to understand their consumers and attract them to the blossoming alt-egg market. Consumers value health  Research shows that health is the greatest driver in the plant-based egg market, due to numerous health risks and allergies associated with animal-based eggs, as well as the benefits of consuming plant-based alternatives. Plant-based eggs appeal to health-conscious consumers for a number of reasons: Low to no cholesterol: By swapping …


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Company News

Heura to Unlock “Unprecedented Nutritional Value” With New Patent-Pending Technology

Heura has announced the development of a new patent-pending technology that claims to make it possible to produce plant-based foods with previously unattainable nutritional values. The Spanish food tech startup says it aims to address unresolved challenges in the plant-based industry, creating a “superior sensorial experience with high value nutritional products” and no additives. The new technology — derived from Heura’s Good Rebel Tech platform, which launched last year — is also said to provide a faster and more efficient way to design and process food products. According to Heura, the proprietary technology uses a novel thermomechanical technique, with heat and mechanical energy used to shape or modify a material’s properties. It is one of numerous innovations developed by Heura’s R&D team; another is an …


Nutrition Shakes

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Market & Trends

Nutrition Manufacturer Nellson Reports 100% Jump in Demand for Plant-Based Protein

Nellson, LLC, a leading manufacturer and co-packer of nutritional bars and functional powders, reveals customer requests for plant-based protein have doubled in the past four years.  According to a recent report, Nellson, which manufactures branded and private label nutritional bar and functional powders, says customer requests for plant-based protein have risen sharply from 2018, when 20% of its customers requested plant-based protein, compared to 80% for dairy. Today, demand for plant-based protein has increased to 40%, with 60% requesting dairy.  “Today’s consumers are recognizing the nutritional benefits that plant-based products offer and, now more than ever, want plant-based proteins on the ingredient list when purchasing nutrition bars and powders,” said Bart Child, chief commercial officer of California-based Nellson.  Other market research supports this finding. In …


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Investments & Finance

Huel Raises €24M in Funding Round Backed by Idris Elba & Other Celebrities

Nutritionally complete food specialist Huel has raised €24 million in a funding round to continue its mission of providing sustainable nutrition for all. The new investment will support the company’s R&D, product innovation, online and retail scale-up, and international expansion focused on the US market. Highland Europe led the round, joined by a group of celebrity investors including actor Idris Elba and his wife Sabrina Dor Elba (both UN Goodwill Ambassadors). Other participants included TV presenter Jonathan Ross and Grace Beverley, CEO of sustainable activewear brand TALA. The new investment gives the company a valuation of over €540 million. James McMaster, CEO of Huel, said, “Highland Europe has been a strong backer for our business in the last four years, and we’re delighted about the extra …


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Investments & Finance

Kate Farms Closes $75M Series C Round to Expand Plant-Based Nutrition in Hospitals

Kate Farms, a leader in plant-based nutritional formulas, announces it has closed $75M in Series C funding, in a round led by life science investor Novo Holdings. The funding brings the company’s total raise to over $135M, and will be used to fuel additional innovation in the brand’s portfolio, develop new products and enter new market channels. “I’m pleased that… investors appreciate the significant potential of plant-based nutrition and Kate Farms’ leadership in this rapidly growing market” Accessible in over 95% of US hospitals, including top children’s hospitals, Kate Farms produces plant-based, organic and clinically demonstrated formulas for those with chronic illnesses and acute conditions. Its entire product portfolio, used for tube and oral feeding, is USDA organic and non-GMO certified, while being free from common …


Plant-Based Nutrition Conference

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Fairs & Events

Pharmaceutical Company Launches “Asia’s First” Accredited Plant-Based Nutrition Conference

Multinational pharmaceutical company MEGA We Care has launched what it claims is the first accredited plant-based nutrition conference in Asia. Asia’s Plant-Based Nutrition Healthcare Conference will feature nine notable speakers such as Dr. Dean Ornish, inventor of the Ornish Diet and winner of the “National Public Health Hero” award from the University of California. Another speaker is multi-award-winning medical professor Dr. Kim Alan Williams, an expert on cardiovascular disease. The speakers will explain how plant-based diets can be used to prevent, manage, and sometimes even reverse chronic disease. Topics will include heart health, brain health, diabetes, gut health, cancer research, paediatrics, and more. Plant-based in Asia The event is timely, since interest in plant-based diets is skyrocketing in Asia. The Asia-Pacific region is set to …


Company News

Vega Co-Founder & Bestselling Author Brendan Brazier Appointed by Algae Pioneers Noblegen

In the wake of the phenomenal success of The Game Changers, the world seems to have its eyes on vegan nutrition. Fitting news then, that one of the world’s leading authorities on plant-based nutrition, Brendan Brazier, has been appointed as VP of Food Architecture at Noblegen, the company pioneering the use of a single celled organism called Euglena for a variety of plant protein applications.


63% of consumers prioritize animal welfare when considering cultivated meat

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Food & Beverage

Swine Flu in China: Up to 200 Million Pigs Could Be Killed – Will This Bring About a Vegan Revolution?

Swine flu has been raging in China for more than ten years, and experts estimate that up to 200 million more pigs will die from the disease or will have to be killed and disposed of. Terrible pictures of the killings and of slaughtered animals are being circulated in the media all over the world, and the loss will lead to a significant increase in pork prices.


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Food & Beverage

Singapore Promotes Agricultural Innovation with Ambitious Plan for Self-Sufficiency in Food Production

With an agenda first presented in March 2019, the Singaporean government is taking numerous measures in the agribusiness sector to free itself from its dependence on imports and be able to provide its population with an adequate amount of sustainably produced food. Food production challenges As a city-state, Singapore is characterized above all by its densely populated urban structure, where little space is left for agriculture. Only one percent of Singapore’s 724 square kilometers is currently used for agriculture, and production costs are extremely high compared to other states in the region. The country produces only about 10 percent of its own food and imports the remaining portion in order to be able to guarantee its population of 5.6 million people enough food with sufficient …


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Studies & Numbers

Study Shows that Plant-Based Diets are Important for Controlling Climate Change

According to a new study published in the journal Nature, plant-based diets, improved agricultural practices and less food waste are needed to reduce the food system’s negative environmental impact. The study’s lead author told Deutsche Welle that there is “little chance of staying within environmental boundaries” if no action is taken.