New Zealand's premium infant nutrition company, Heaven, has launched what it claims is the world's first 100% oat-based toddler drink, Heaven Oat.

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Milk- and Dairy Alternatives

New Zealand’s Haven Launches “World’s First” 100% Oat-Based Toddler Drink

New Zealand’s premium infant nutrition company Haven has launched what it claims is the world’s first 100% oat-based toddler drink, Heaven Oat, for dairy-intolerant children and plant-based parenting. Haven Oat is said to provide the same levels of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals as the company’s other formulas made with A2 cow and goat milk proteins. Scientifically designed for toddlers aged 12+ months, Haven Oat includes a specific type of oat protein, dairy-free probiotics, and DHA (omega-3 fatty acids) obtained from algae to ensure the product is allergen and lactose-free.  In addition, it contains Lutein (an organic pigment) for eye health, 16 essential vitamins, and minerals, and has been formulated for “sensitive tummies.” It does not contain palm, soy, or fish oil. Made in …


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Protein Industries Canada Invests $4.1M in Better Oat Protein from Oat Canada & Roquette

Nonprofit consortium Protein Industries Canada (PIC) announces a $4.1 million investment to develop novel, nutritionally superior oat ingredients and products, including Canada’s first oat-based protein.  The project, which will involve a collaboration between beverage brand Oat Canada and ingredient supplier Roquette, aims to build on Canada’s status as a leading global oat producer by expanding applications for its vast oat crop. In order to meet growing demand for sustainably produced foods and to strengthen supply chains, the project also hopes to significantly grow Canada’s domestic processing capabilities.  “Increasing our domestic ingredient processing capacity is one of the most important steps in strengthening Canada’s economy and food supply chain, as well as the health of our environment,” says Protein Industries Canada CEO Bill Greuel.  New oat research …


protein powder made with upcycled oat milk waste

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SunOpta Introduces Protein Powder Made With Upcycled Oat Milk Waste

Plant-based food and beverage company SunOpta has launched OatGold™, a protein powder made with upcycled oat milk waste. The highly nutritious powder can be used in baked goods, spreads, dips, and snacks. OatGold is made from insoluble solids which are a byproduct of SunOpta’s oatbase production (oatbase is the primary ingredient in oat milk). The resulting powder has three times as much protein as oat flour and is high in fibre. It also has a neutral taste and is certified gluten-free. Upcycled food OatGold has been accredited by Upcycled Certified, the only third-party certification program in the world for upcycled products. The program was created according to standards set by the nonprofit Upcycled Food Association. Upcycled foods are a growing trend as many companies look …


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Lantmännen Foods Introduces PrOatein, World’s First Oat Protein Concentrate

Oats are riding an unprecedented wave of popularity in recent times thanks to the mass appeal of oat milk. Now, oat-based meat may become the next major trend with the launch of PrOatein, the first concentrated oat protein on the market.  Developed by Lantmännen Functional Foods, PrOatein is made from non-GMO Swedish oats and can be used to create a wide variety of nutritious plant-based meat, dairy and egg products. As an ingredient, PrOatein is clean-label, made up of 55% oat protein concentrate and rich in essential amino acids. The product is vegan-friendly and carries a light, familiar “oaty” taste that doesn’t require disguising with additional ingredients, the company states. For plant-based foods that may require more texture and functionality, such as burgers, the oat …