Ben & Jerry's transitions to oat base

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Milk- and Dairy Alternatives

Ben & Jerry’s Announces Major Shift to Oat Based Formula

Ben & Jerry’s, headquartered in Vermont, announces it will shift its non-dairy ice creams to an oat-based formula, with most of its range til now being produced with almond milk. The nearly 20 existing non-dairy flavors in pints and scoop shops will make the switch to oat by Spring 2024, beginning with Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Chocolate Fudge Brownie. Current non-dairy flavors like Lights! Caramel! Action! and Oatmeal Dream Pie feature almond or sunflower butter bases, which will switch to oat to offer a “smoother texture, allowing flavors like chocolate, decadent caramel, mint, and rich vanilla to shine as intended,” and creating more suitability for consumers that suffer from nut allergies. The benefits of oats Consumer preference in dairy alternatives has been towards oat …



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Health Advantages of Oats: A Nutrient-Packed Superfood

Oats, scientifically known as Avena sativa, have been a staple food for centuries, and they continue to gain popularity in modern diets due to their outstanding health benefits. From breakfast bowls to snacks and baked goods, oats and oat-based food ingredients are versatile and satisfying. Beyond their delicious taste and convenience, they offer a plethora of nutrients that promote overall health and well-being. Let’s delve into the numerous health advantages of oats and explore how incorporating them into your daily diet can enhance your physical and mental wellness. Nutritional Profile Oats boast an impressive nutritional profile, making them a superfood worth incorporating into any diet. Oats are a good source of complex carbohydrates and protein. Oats typically contain 60% carbohydrates, 11-15% of protein, 5-9% of …


Chocolate Sea Salt Cereal, SunOpta X Seven Sundays

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Products & Launches

SunOpta and Seven Sundays Launch “First Ever” Cereals With Oats Upcycled From Oat Milk Production

Plant-based foods and beverage company SunOpta, headquartered in Minnesota USA, announces what it describes as a first-of-its-kind partnership with breakfast company Seven Sundays. The news comes as SunOpta shareholders have been notified that CEO & Director Joseph Ennen has purchased US$101k worth of company stock, according to Simply Wall St. Through the partnership, the companies have launched the “first-ever” Oat Protein Cereal made with SunOpta’s upcycled oat protein powder OatGold™, a byproduct of oat milk production. The product debuts in four flavors – Simply Honey, Super Fruity, Maple Cinnamon, and Chocolate Sea Salt, and contains five grams of upcycled plant-based protein per serving. “At SunOpta, sustainability is part of our DNA and we are always looking for sustainable solutions in our operations,” said Lauren McNamara, …


Vegan Whipt Cream

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Products & Launches

Alamance Foods Debuts Dairy-Free ‘Whipt’ Cream in Coconut, Almond and Oat

Food technology firm Alamance Foods announces the launch of Whipt – a dairy-free new alternative to traditional whipped cream. Available in three varieties – Coconut, Almond and Oat, Whipt can be found in the US in Lidl, Woodman’s Market and select Walmart locations. Sold in classic steel canisters, Whipt is described as a “viable alternative” to dairy-based whipped cream that both adults and children can enjoy. Whipt’s gluten-free flavors include three protein bases:  Oat – A vanilla-flavored cream for topping an oat milk latte or any hot beverages Almond – Features a nutty, Marzipan-like flavor that contrasts hot chocolate and more Coconut – For decorating pies and cakes – can also substitute milk in any dessert  According to the company, Whipt’s products come in recyclable …


Big Mountain Foods

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Agriculture / Agribusiness

Protein Industries Canada: Canada’s Plant Protein Sector Gained Strong Momentum in 2022

As 2022 comes to a close, Protein Industries Canada (PIC), a consortium working to advance Canada’s plant-based foods sector, is celebrating a highly successful year. Now in its fourth year, the organization says Canada’s plant-based industry continues to gain strong momentum, and reflects on the significant milestones its group recently achieved. Earlier this year, PIC announced a $4.1M investment in a project to develop novel oat products and ingredients, including Canada’s first oat-based protein. PIC also joined with other Canadian investment firms to raise $200M in capital to finance the next generation of plant-based food processors. Investing $477M “Over the past four years, Protein Industries Canada and our industry partners have made tremendous progress, including investing more than $477 million into Canada’s plant-based food, feed …


Oatbox oats

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Investments & Finance

Canada: Oatbox Closes C$7.1M Round to Construct ‘World Class’ Oat Base Manufacturing Facility

Canadian startup Oatbox, which specializes in products made from oats, announces it closed a C$7.1M financing round to finalize the construction of its oat milk base manufacturing facility.  Located in St-Damase, Quebec, the plant will allow Oatbox to develop a wide range of plant-based oat products, including oat milk, as well as partner with companies requiring oat base for their operations. According to Oatbox, whose product line offers granola, oatmeal, overnight oats, and nutrition bars, it has been working for two years to develop its Canadian oat milk. The financial support will be used to finalize the construction of a world-class production line, which Oatbox says far exceeds the needs for its own product line. “This funding is a strong endorsement of our business plan …


DSM range of solutions applied to different foods


Fairs & Events

DSM to Showcase Innovations That “Make Raw Materials Work Harder” at Fi Europe

DSM, a leader in health and nutrition solutions, will introduce its latest consumer-inspired F&B innovations at this year’s Food ingredients Europe 2022 (FiE). At the event, DSM will showcase its next-generation sustainable innovations for meat and fish alternatives and plant-based dairy, among other categories. DSM has identified various plant-based consumer trends and offers ingredient solutions for manufacturers competing in the F&B market.  Alternatives should taste like real meat According to DSM, the plant-based challenge is mimicking animal products’ taste. Most consumers (82%) expect analogs to taste like real meat or dairy. AT FiE, DSM will showcase innovations that help manufacturers bridge the taste, nutritional, texture, and appearance gap with animal products.  Among the solutions, DSM will present products designed explicitly for plant-based cheese, vegan flavors …


maison riviera cheddar

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Cheese Alternatives

Maison Riviera, Canada’s Top Selling Alt Yogurt, Introduces Oat-Based Cheeses

Maison Riviera, the number one selling brand of dairy yogurt alternatives in Canada, continues to innovate with the launch of a line of oat-based cheeses made with oats grown in Canada. The company offers three complete lines of 100% plant-based products: yogurts, fauxmages and kefirs. All are made in Canada and made with certified gluten-free oats grown in Canada (except for the coconut milk kefirs). In addition, the recipes are allergen-free and free of unnecessary additions: dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, palm oil-free, nut-free, cholesterol-free, egg-free, peanut-free, preservatives, artificial colours and flavours. The new range of cheese alternatives comes in four types: cheddar style (block 220g and grated 227g), grated mozzarella style 227g, grated parmesan style 227g. The Quebec-based company describes the line as having a “rich …


Oddlygood Creamy Whole Oat Drink


Products & Launches

Oddlygood Expands US Dairy-Free Portfolio with All-In Barista Oat Drink

Oddlygood Global, a spinoff of leading Finnish food company Valio, announces the US launch of the All-In Barista Oat Drink. Available in shelf-stable cartons, the product will be featured this month at the Natural Products Expo East in Philadelphia and Coffee Fest Pacific Northwest in Seattle.  Made to provide creamy frothiness with no “flaking”, the All-In Barista Oat Drink was created with input from baristas and offers a full-bodied milk ideal for cappucinos and lattes. Uses whole oat The Barista Oat Drink uses non-GMO oats and utilizes the entire oat, which eliminates food waste, while being free from gluten and artificial flavors and sweeteners. Available in 1 liter, shelf-stable cartons, each serving contains 3 g of protein, 290 mg of calcium, 7 of fat and zero …


Blue Farm founders

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Investments & Acquisitions

Berlin’s Blue Farm Secures Approx €3M for “Radically Redeveloping” Oat Milk

Berlin-based start-up Blue Farm, producer of award-winning powered oat drinks, announces it has closed a round of funding to the tune of around €3 million. Since its launch in early 2021, Blue Farm has sold enough oat drink powder to create over 750,000 litres of oat drink. The Oat Base Bio was awarded the Vegan Food Award for Best Plant Drink 2022 by PETA. Blue Farm states it is “radically redeveloping milk” with its powdered plant-based products, which include oat bases and oat latte bases. By eliminating water and selling only the fermented plant base, the company is significantly reducing the footprint of oat milk. Blue Farm is able to deliver 8L of plant milk, free of additives, directly to the consumer’s mailbox. The round …



Meurens Natural: “We Were the First to Produce Oat Syrups That Can Be Used to Produce Oat Drinks”

Meurens Natural, a Belgian company specialized in clean label extracts made from oat and other cereals, offers organic ingredients for plant-based products and therefore has developed a range of high protein brands. Tim Van de Gehuchte, International Sales & Marketing Manager at Meurens Natural, talks about possible applications and how they contribute to a healthy and sustainable way of life. Who is Meurens Natural, and what does the company stand for? Meurens Natural is a family-owned Belgian company that processes cereals and dried fruits into organic and natural ingredients for the food processing sector. Meurens Natural has been a pioneer in the organic sector with the Sipal® brand, for over 30 years. Throughout the years, we have developed a unique production know-how that is 100% …



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SipaPro-Oat, the World’s First Organic Oat Protein Concentrate

Protein fulfills many roles in our body. It is crucial for building and repairing tissues, allows for signal transmission, plays a vital role in many metabolic reactions and coordinates numerous bodily functions. In addition, proteins also maintain proper pH and fluid balance. Veganism is on the rise, and with it, the search for new alternative plant-based proteins. Food and beverage manufacturers are looking for proteins to create and enrich new high protein formulations. The choice of protein type mainly depends on the organoleptic properties such as taste but also the price, availability and sustainability are decisive factors. SipaPro-Oat is a perfect candidate to fulfill all those requirements. SipaPro-Oat is an oat protein concentrate that guarantees minimum 56% of proteins, 26,5% of carbohydrates, of which 15% …


Oat Canada oat milk

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Agriculture / Agribusiness

Protein Industries Canada Invests $4.1M in Better Oat Protein from Oat Canada & Roquette

Nonprofit consortium Protein Industries Canada (PIC) announces a $4.1 million investment to develop novel, nutritionally superior oat ingredients and products, including Canada’s first oat-based protein.  The project, which will involve a collaboration between beverage brand Oat Canada and ingredient supplier Roquette, aims to build on Canada’s status as a leading global oat producer by expanding applications for its vast oat crop. In order to meet growing demand for sustainably produced foods and to strengthen supply chains, the project also hopes to significantly grow Canada’s domestic processing capabilities.  “Increasing our domestic ingredient processing capacity is one of the most important steps in strengthening Canada’s economy and food supply chain, as well as the health of our environment,” says Protein Industries Canada CEO Bill Greuel.  New oat research …


oat base made with zero wastewater technology

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Above Food Reveals Oat Base Made With “Revolutionary” Zero Wastewater Technology

Vertically integrated plant-based foods company Above Food has unveiled a “disruptive” oat base made with highly efficient zero wastewater technology. The ingredient will be showcased at Expo West in Anaheim, March 9-12 2022. Above Food acquired Sonic Milling’s technology, which uses microscopic air bubbles to efficiently break down ingredients, just last month. This technology is used to produce Above’s oat base, which can then be used to make plant-based ice cream, cheeses, spreads, oat milk, and more. The oat base will launch in the fall of this year as a cornerstone product in Above Food’s Specialty Ingredients division. The company has partnered with regenerative farmers to source the oats transparently, in a way that supports the long-term health of the soil. Seed to fork Above …



Egg Alternatives

Framptons Sees Plant-Based as the Future – Transitions From Egg Wholesale to 80% Plant-Based

Proving that plant-based is the future, Framptons has moved from egg wholesale to plant-based, evolving into the biggest co-packer of plant-based drinks in the UK with plant-based now accounting for 80% of the company’s business. “Roughly eight out of ten enquiries are plant-based. Of those, five relate to oat” Founded in 1898, family-owned business Framptons evolved into a contract packer and manufacturer for well-known brands in the plant-based industry such as Mighty Pea and Shaken Other. Today, the plant-based beverage business accounts for 80% of the Framptons’ operations, underlining the general shift of consumer preferences towards plant-based alternatives. Responding to industry developments The company states in a page titled Is Dairy Udder Threat? that “many consumers are transitioning to flexitarian diets. 41% of UK consumers …


Cheeseburger Greenwise


Products & Launches

Lantmännen Foods Introduces PrOatein, World’s First Oat Protein Concentrate

Oats are riding an unprecedented wave of popularity in recent times thanks to the mass appeal of oat milk. Now, oat-based meat may become the next major trend with the launch of PrOatein, the first concentrated oat protein on the market.  Developed by Lantmännen Functional Foods, PrOatein is made from non-GMO Swedish oats and can be used to create a wide variety of nutritious plant-based meat, dairy and egg products. As an ingredient, PrOatein is clean-label, made up of 55% oat protein concentrate and rich in essential amino acids. The product is vegan-friendly and carries a light, familiar “oaty” taste that doesn’t require disguising with additional ingredients, the company states. For plant-based foods that may require more texture and functionality, such as burgers, the oat …



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Products & Launches

New Alt Milk Brand Gaia’s Farming Co. Launches With Creamy Hemp & Oat M*lks

Gaia’s Farming Co., backed by seasoned plant-based investors such as Tommy Chiabra, investor in Beyond Meat and co-founder of Neat Burger, announces two alt milk products powered by hemp, asking – is hemp the new CBD? The early-stage company has harnessed the power of hemp to launch its first two products that are made from a unique blend of hemp and oat milk and has bold plans to shake up the alternative milk market and beyond. The startup enters the booming milk alternative market with two new products, the creamy ‘Hemp & Oat M*lk’ and ‘Hemp & Coco M*lk’ that are now available to buy online. Over the last two years, hemp milk has emerged as one of the top 5 dairy alternatives in the …


Minor Figures Oat Light

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Products & Launches

Minor Figures Launches Barista Light Oat as Part of Carbon Neutral Portfolio

East London oat-based coffee specialist Minor Figures has added Barista Light Oat to its carbon neutral range of plant-based barista drinks as the company continues to see success in the UK, US and Asia. “Unlike the other alternative milks, we aren’t trying to replicate dairy, but design products that allow the true flavour profile of the coffee to shine through” The plant-based oat milk market is experiencing steady growth and, according to forecasts, is expected to continue to grow strongly this year, with new oat milk varieties predicted as the main growth drivers. The alternative coffee company’s new product Barista Oat Light joins Standard Barista Oat and Organic Barista Oat to bring its Oat Milk range to three offerings. Early Bird in Canned Plant-Based Coffee …


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Market & Trends

Oatly Plans New Facilities to Grow Production and Fight Supply Shortages Globally

Alt dairy giant Oatly plans new facilities in the US, UK, and China for 2023, as it expands its global manufacturing footprint to combat supply shortages and meet growing demand for plant-based milk.  On the company’s Q3 earnings call, COO Peter Bergh explained that the planned facilities will produce 450 million liters of Oatly milk products, and will bring more control to the company’s global operations as supply chain issues have halted growth recently. In addition, the company expects inflation to hit oat prices as poor harvest conditions in Canada affect supply.  The company has already opened three new facilities in Utah, Singapore, and China this year with 2023’s new Texas factory set to be the company’s biggest in North America. The world’s largest oat …


MOMA Foods Oat Milk Barista

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Investments & Finance

A.G. Barr Moves into Plant-Based Milk with MOMA Foods Acquisition  

British soft drinks giant A.G. Barr has announced the acquisition of a 60% stake in oat specialist MOMA Foods. The move marks the first foray into the rapidly-growing plant-based milk sector. Famous for its soft drink products such as Irn-Bru and Rubicon, A.G. Barr has declared that it will assume full ownership of MOMA Foods over the next three years, as reports show one in three Brits are now drinking plant-based milk. Oat milk is the most popular option amongst consumers and further growth is expected. MOMA Foods, founded by Tom Mercer in 2006 in a railway arch in London, produces an oat milk range as well as low-sugar granola and muesli branded products. The oat milk recently won the Best Vegan Milk category in …