Revo Foods launches THE KRAKEN plant based octopus

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Revo Foods Unveils ‘THE KRAKEN’ Plant-Based Octopus Crafted from Fungi Protein

Austrian startup Revo Foods today announces a “culinary innovation” with what it describes as the world’s first plant-based alternative to octopus tentacles, created with fungi protein. When asked as to its production methods, Revo responded that it is “testing a unique new 3D structuring approach” for which further details cannot be revealed as yet. Branded as “THE KRAKEN – Inspired by Octopus”, the product is ready to eat but can also be grilled, fried, or baked. It can be used to replicate classic octopus-based dishes such as the Spanish Pulpo a la Gallega or Greek Octopus Salad. The mycoprotein tentacles are said to offer an authentic aroma, taste and texture, a Nutriscore A nutritional profile grading, as well as a high omega-3 fatty acid content …