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Three Proven “Nudges” That Influence Meat-Eaters to Order Vegan Options

Meat-eaters can be influenced into choosing plant-based options in restaurants depending on certain factors such as innovation and novelty. According to recent studies, many consumer food decisions are motivated by non-rational social and contextual factors. Strategies that are applied to manipulate such factors and influence customers choices are often referred to as ‘nudges’. Foodservice “can contribute to the desired societal shift towards mainstream consumption of foods with lower environmental impact.” Through nudging strategies, omnivores can be motivated to choose plant-based options at the supermarket, in restaurants, or when shopping for food online. The following three methods have been demonstrated to nudge customers into choosing plant-based options in restaurants, having already shown success in scientific studies. Presenting a plant-based option as the default choice A Danish …


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The Average American Consumer is an Omnivore Interested in Plantbased Protein

Nielsen has released new data related to the rise of meat alternatives in consumer packaged goods (CPG), and demonstrating that today’s American consumer is, on average, an omnivore, but they’re playing the field when it comes to exploring meat alternatives in their search for dietary protein. In fact, protein-seeking consumers are more likely than ever to consider all the options available to them.”