Meat alternatives made from fermented Swedish peas

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Bärta Seeks SEK 3M for Alt Meats Made From Fermented Swedish Peas Following 26% YOY Growth

Sweden’s Bärta is aiming to raise up to SEK 3 million (around $277,000) in an ongoing funding round conducted via fundraising platform Pepins. Several investors — including Kale United, Aggregate Media, and Michel Bracké — have already participated. It comes after unit sales of the brand’s meat alternatives, which are made from organic fermented Swedish peas, increased by 26% year-on-year in the first quarter of 2023. Bärta describes its plant-based meats as “premium vegan products” with a high nutritional value, a rich flavour, and a very low environmental impact. Currently, five frozen and three chilled products are available, including fish-style fillets, marinated chunks, and burgers. Most of the products have a very simple ingredient list, featuring peas, fermentation cultures, rapeseed oil, and sea salt. The …