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PeaTos Challenges Frito-Lay Brands With New Range Including Vegan Cheetos & Funyons

Snack it Forward’s brand PeaTos, which says it is one of the fastest growing brands in the US, gaining more than 6,000 new points of distribution in 2023 totaling 22,000 retail locations nationwide, adds new varieties to its award-winning line of plant-based snacks. The new offerings include Crunchy Fiery Lime Puffs; Crunchy Cheese-less Puffs; Crunchy Onion Rings; Crunchy No-Cheese Curls; Crunchy Fiery Curls; and Crunchy Pizza Rings. The products, according to the company, offer 2x protein and 3x fiber of their traditional counterparts such as Cheetos and Funyuns, replacing the traditional corn base with nutrient-dense peas. PeaTos says it employs a proprietary methodology to replicate the dairy experience using only 100% plant-based ingredients.  Founded in 2019 by entrepreneur Nick Desai, PeaTos boasts leading investors including …