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Japanese Alt-Meat Market Surges as Government Labels It an “Important Sector”

According to a report by writer, translator, and market research specialist Waku Miller, the Japanese alt-meat market is beginning to take off after the country’s government declared it an “important sector” last year. The government is now promoting the development of plant-based and cultivated meat alternatives, viewing them as both a potential solution to the environmental impact of meat production and a way of improving food security. Miller’s report examines the current state of the Japanese alt-meat market, looking at high-profile players in the fast food and plant-based sectors. Some key takeaways are: Japanese fast food chains such as MOS Burger and Dotour Coffee are now offering vegan burgers, with MOS offering a meatless alternative to every beef burger on the menu. Japan’s only publicly-listed …


Kristie Middleton of Rebellyous

Kristie Middleton, VP of Rebellyous Foods, Image supplied


Rebellyous Foods: “By Bringing Affordable Plant-Based Options Into New Markets, We’ll Make Plant-Based Eating More Accessible to Everyone”

Rebellyous Foods will be well known to most vegconomist readers as the chicken industry-disrupting foodtech company backed by the vegan Saudi Prince Khaled amongst other high profile investors. Rebellyous raised $6M in Series A funding in 2020 for its unique technology which produces cost-efficient, realistic chicken alternatives, and last month pivoted into retail with three new products.


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“A New Industry Standard For Taste” – Rebellyous Foods Pivots into Retail With New Products

Rebellyous Foods, the Seattle startup founded by former Boeing engineer Christie Lagally, announces it is adding three new products to its portfolio as it pivots into retail due to the effects of the pandemic on B2B. Backed by the vegan Saudi Prince Khaled amongst other high profile investors, the brand develops innovative technology specific to the plant-based meat industry to reduce production costs.