Juicy Marbles unveils the world's first plant-based ribs with edible bones

Image courtesy of Juicy Marbles

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Juicy Marbles Secures Major German Wholesale Listing for (Revamped) Vegan Ribs with Bones

Markus Thaller Neue Vege Unternhemensberatung (MTNV) this week announces it has secured a major listing for its well-known partner Juicy Marbles in the German market through wholesaler METRO AG. MTNV is a well-known consultancy for go-to-market in German-speaking countries, dedicated to bringing high-quality and sustainable alternative products to markets with a strong focus on the foodservice industry. Juicy Marbles, the cult brand known for creating the world’s first marbled plant-based steak and a formidable 750g tenderloin, now brings its rack of plant-based ribs with bones to Germany, arguably the most thriving vegan market in Europe. Following a year of selling limited drops of the ribs online and gathering feedback, Juicy Marbles is releasing a retail-ready version of its plant-based ribs. The ribs feature a similar …


Plant-based ribs with bones

Image courtesy of Juicy Marbles

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Juicy Marbles Unveils the World’s First Plant-Based Ribs with Edible Bones

Slovenian foodtech Juicy Marbles, known for creating the world’s first plant-based filet mignon and the largest piece plant-muscle ever conceived, unveils its latest development —Bone-in Ribs — which it describes as the world’s first plant-based ribs with edible bones. Juicy Marbles says that its team wanted to push the boundaries of what is possible in plant-based meat by expanding the available options with ‘food-culture-friendly’ innovations, such as ribs, a cut of meat enjoyed by millions worldwide.  Vladimir Mićković, the co-founder of Juicy Marbles, says: “There is a culture of celebration, sharing, and belonging around meat — part of a food culture thousands of years in the making. Anyone cutting down on meat can probably confirm that the hardest part is not missing meat’s flavour, but feeling …


Plant-based short ribs


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NEXT MEATS to Debut Marinated BBQ Product “Next Short Rib 2.1” at All Costco Japan Locations

Japanese food tech company NEXT MEATS (OTC: NXMH) announces it will launch its latest alt-protein innovation, Next Short Rib 2.1, at all 31 Costco Wholesale locations in Japan beginning in March.  Described as marinated Japanese BBQ, Next Short Rib 2.1 is made from non-GMO soybeans, and will be sold in two 200g sets in a larger package designed exclusively for Costco Japan. The 100% plant-based product is made without any additives, preservatives and artificial flavors, NEXT MEATS says, and has a refrigerator shelf life of up to 90 days. The company will also offer live cooking demonstrations and tastings at select Costco Japan locations.  New markets Based in Tokyo, NEXT MEATS is a subsidiary of NEXT MEATS Holdings, which is devoted to the research, development …