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Future Farm’s Australian Expansion Begins With Launch at Over 700 Coles Stores

Future Farm’s Australian market entry has begun, with its plant-based burgers, meatballs, and beef now available at 732 Coles locations across the country. The brand uses a blend of three plant-based proteins — soy, chickpea, and pea — to achieve what it claims is a very similar taste, texture, and tenderness to conventional meat. Future Farm says its products will be priced competitively compared to other alt-meat brands available in Australia. “Any location that sells meat is our target.” Worldwide expansion Known as Fazenda Futuro in its home country of Brazil, Future Farm is now available in 28 markets worldwide. These include the UK, the US, European countries such as Germany and France, and the UAE. In November, Future Farm raised a huge $58 million …


Made with Plants

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Australia: ‘Made With Plants’ Launches Improved Line, Now Accounts for 20% of Category in Woolworths

Plantbased brand Made With Plants has launched an improved range of products for distribution by Woolworths, as customer demand for plant-based food surges in Australia. The company is successfully overcoming the COVID-19 supply challenges and has sold 86 000 units across 1 000 stores within the first week of its launch.