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By Chloe Raises $31 Million to Expand Vegan Restaurant Chain

In 2018 By CHLOE, the New York City-based fast-casual vegan restaurant, received $31 million in funding from Bain Capital, Kitchen Fund, Collaborative Fund and TGP International/Qoot International amongst other investors. The investment will ensure 50 new locations in the next four years, more than tripling the number of stores across the USA and move into Europe and the Middle-East.


Louise Palmer-Masterton

Louise Palmer-Masterton of Stem & Glory © Stem & Glory

Business Insiders

How I Launched an Award-Winning Vegan Restaurant, and How You Can Too

Louise Palmer-Masterton is the founder of Stem + Glory, a vegan restaurant chain with two sites in Cambridge, England, and a brand new flagship store which is now open  in central London. She is an expert in launching new businesses and in crowdfunding, with experience of founding a wide range of startups including a digital arts and multimedia company and one of the most recognised yoga brands in the UK, CAMYOGA.


Andrew Infantino

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Business Insiders

Andrew Infantino of Copper Branch on the Food Revolution

Andrew Infantino is the son of Rio Infantino, founder and CEO of Canadian plant-based restaurant chain Copper Branch. He is also Director of Marketing for the hugely successful chain, which recently announced their expansion out of Canada and into the USA for the coming months, as well as a total of 150 additional franchise outlets.