Saveggy raises funds to replace plastic around fruits and vegetables with its plant-based formula.

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Saveggy Raises €1.76M for Edible Fruit & Veg Coating as Solution to Plastic Packaging

Swedish startup Saveggy has raised €1.76 million (SEK 20M) for its plant-based alternative to plastic packaging designed to preserve the shelf life of vegetables and fruits and prevent food waste.  The startup’s plant-based coating is said to be the only alternative available offering the same shelf life extension as plastic packaging. Additionally, it is the only edible coating for fruits and vegetables with edible skin, such as cucumbers, apples, and eggplants, approved according to EU regulations. Starting with a solution for cucumbers, Saveggy will use the newly raised funds to produce this innovative material at an industrial scale and successfully bring it to market The round was led by impact investor Unconventional Ventures. LRF Ventures, Almi Invest GreenTech, and industry angels also backed the startup’s plastic-free …


Algenesis produces a plastic-like material made from plants and algae that is biodegradable.



Algenesis Secures $5M to Produce at Scale Biodegradable Plastic Made From Algae

San Diego-based Algenesis Corporation, the plant-based material science company behind the biodegradable shoe brand BLUEVIEW, announces it has raised $5 million in a seed funding round to expand production and commercialization of Soleic PU, a plastic biomaterial made from plants and algae. Additionally, with the new funds, the company will expand Soleic product lines into breathable and waterproof textiles and phone cases. Soleic PU is currently available in soft foam applications, such as midsoles and insoles for footwear. In previous partnerships with the surfing brands REEF and Artic Form, the company created innovative algae foam blank surfboards.  First Bight Ventures and Circulate Capital led the round, with MIH Capital, Diamond Sports Group, and RhinoShield supporting the biomaterials company. The investment follows a $5 million grant from the US Department …


Xampla has launched a consumer brand, Morro, to commercialize its highly innovative, vegan, and eco-friendly alternatives to single-use plastics.

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Products & Launches

Xampla Launches Morro Brand for Vegan and Biodegradable Alternatives to Single-Use Plastics

Xampla, a natural material company based in the UK, has launched a new brand, Morro, to commercialize its highly innovative, vegan, and eco-friendly alternatives to single-use plastics. The company, a University of Cambridge spin-off, has developed a technology that uses plant proteins or sustainable feedstocks to create a material that behaves like plastic, providing protection and extending the shelf-life of ingredients and products.  However, since Xampla’s natural material is not chemically modified, it “does things that plastic never could,” such as being soluble, edible, cookable, and completely biodegradable in any environment, including home compost, explains the company.  “Our technology is a world-first, capable of replacing the most polluting plastics at scale and delivering performance parity,” says Xampla. Switching away from single-use plastics Morro’s portfolio includes …


Sway Biomaterials Plastic Bag



Sway is Creating a Biodegradable, Seaweed-Based Solution to the World’s Plastic Crisis

In 2023, the world’s addiction to plastic became more urgent than ever, with the United Nations issuing a report that declared plastic pollution had become a global emergency. With 1 trillion pounds of plastic produced each year, and less than 10% of that recycled, finding a plastic-free solution to packaging has become one of the most critical environmental issues of our time.  Enter Sway, a US biomaterials startup using polymers found in seaweed to replace petroleum-based plastic while regenerating the Earth’s ecosystems.  Founded by Julia Marsh, Matt Mayes, and Leland Maschmeyer, Sway is not the first startup to utilize seaweed to replicate plastic, but their products are certainly some of the most impressive. According to Sway, it harnesses extracted polymers known as “phycocolloids” to produce …


allplants World Environment Day

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Sustainability / Environment

allplants Says World Environment Day Should Focus on Plants, Not Plastic

UK-based meal delivery service allplants has challenged the theme for this year’s World Environment Day, “Solutions to Plastic Pollution”. The B-Corp argues that plastic is a “distraction” from larger issues facing the planet, such as animal agriculture. Figures suggest that food production is responsible for 26% of global greenhouse gas emissions, while plant-based diets could slash emissions by up to 85%. This makes adopting a plant-rich diet the second-most impactful solution to climate change, while reducing plastic use isn’t even in the top 50. Producing fewer animal foods would also have numerous other benefits, such as reducing deforestation and water pollution. allplants argues that governments should stop subsidizing the animal agriculture industry, instead focusing on legislation that promotes plant-based diets. It comes as the company …


Siita - one of the world's first zero-waste companies

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Cosmetics & Bodycare

Korean Vegan Skincare Brand Siita Named One of the World’s First Zero-Waste Companies

UN-hosted online platform The Conscious Fashion and Lifestyle Network has recognised South Korea’s Siita as one of the only zero-waste companies in the world. In particular, the brand has been hailed for developing a method that rapidly decomposes plastic product containers. Siita’s empty containers are collected by the company and transformed into organic compost, which is then supplied to nearby farms. The process is said to be quicker and cheaper than other methods of breaking down plastics, taking just three months. In comparison, plastics can take hundreds of years to break down in landfill. “Siita is the only company in the world that decomposes products made of plastic. All Siita products are fully decomposed and return to nature,” said The Conscious Fashion and Lifestyle Network. …


Vegan Plastic-Free Topcoats

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Fashion, Design & Beauty

Von Holzhausen Launches First 100% Plant-Based Topcoat to Replace Plastic Finishes in Alt-Leather

Sustainable materials brand von Holzhausen announces the introduction of Liquidplant™, a 100% plant-based and plastic-free topcoat to replace petroleum-based polyurethane. Under development for 2.5 years, LiquidPlant is described as a first-of-its-kind innovation that can replace plastic topcoats in a wide range of materials, including traditional and synthetic leather, paper, wood, plastic and fabric. A global problem According to the brand, both the animal and synthetic leather industries rely on plastic topcoats for a durable and long-lasting finish. However, petroleum-based topcoats – which represent a $1 trillion global industry – pollute landfills, take centuries to break down and release harmful microplastics into the environment.  Made from corn sugar, castor oil and flaxseed oil, LiquidPlant is said to offer a fully plant-based, durable topcoat technology. The product …


NFW animal and plastic free leather bag

© Natural Fiber Welding (NFW)


NFW and Lenzing Co-Create Biodegradeable, Plastic-Free Vegan Leather for Fashion Industry

Two bio-based and plant material experts, Lenzing Group and Natural Fiber Welding (NFW) have partnered to create an animal- and plastic-free leather alternative suitable for clothing, footwear, and accessories. The collaboration involves the use of Lenzing’s brand of cellulose-based and plastic-free fibers, called TENCEL, as a backing option in NFW’s plant-based MIRUM leather to make the final product reusable and biodegradable.  While most alternatives rely on polyurethane to bind and make leather backings, this partnership will allow fashion industry designers to work with a completely sustainable leather. Allbirds plant pacer Oihana Elizalde, VP of MIRUM at NFW, commented: “At NFW, we believe that plant matter is the only material that can scale to replace plastic. By adding fabrics made of TENCEL to MIRUM, we can …


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Algae, Microalgae & Seaweed

Loliware Raises $15.4M in Pre-Series A to Replace Single Use Plastic with Seaweed Pellets

Seaweed materials firm Loliware announces it has raised $6M in its latest round of pre-Series A funding, bringing the startup’s total raise to $15.4M. According to the startup, this currently makes it the best-funded seaweed materials tech company on the market.  Company officials said they will use the funds to focus on driving growth in the seaweed materials market, launch new products and novel seaweed resins, and expand the company’s research and development capabilities. “Climate change is a worldwide problem, and our pelletized seaweed resins are a step toward a solution,” said Loliware founder and CEO Sea F. Briganti. “By reducing CO2 emissions and strengthening the ocean-based ‘blue economy,’ our seaweed-derived products make it clear that regenerating the Earth is good business.” Briganti adds, “Demand for …


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Leather Alternatives

India’s Anita Dongre Launches Accessories Made With Mirum Vegan Leather

After years of searching for a sustainable alternative to leather, Indian fashion house Anita Dongre has unveiled a line of accessories made with the plastic-free vegan material Mirum. The new line includes four handbags — the Swan Mini Grab Bag, Birds Of A Feather Crossbody Bag, Nocturnal Glass Beaded Bag, and Champagne Gold Glass Beaded Bag. The latter two are made with recycled beads. The collection also features two more accessories, the Birds of a Feather Belt and the Haathi Belt. Anita Dongre, who is behind the brand alongside her son Yash, said the designs were inspired by her love for nature and animals. The fashion house will be donating 5% of proceeds from the new line to the India Animal Fund. “A dream come …


dr. vegan's vegan gut health supplements



Vegan Supplement Startup DR.VEGAN Announces Capital Injection & Turnover of £2M 

Ethical nutrition and vegan supplements startup DR.VEGAN has announced a £566K fundraising led by private investors for domestic and global expansion. DR.VEGAN, which claims to be one of the world’s fastest-growing ethical nutrition and supplement brands, additionally announced a turnover of £2 million in its second calendar year trading, with the exponential growth expected to continue. This recent capital injection will enable DR.VEGAN to invest in stock and marketing, and employ talent.  Made in the UK and led by science Headquartered in Winchester, UK; the company was founded in 2020 by Gordon Lott and a team of experts to develop supplements that support and transform human health and wellness without harming the planet. “We wanted to shake up the industry through a science-led, natural approach and over-deliver …


noriware's biodegradable algae cups

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Noriware: Revolutionising the Packaging Industry with Plastic-Free Seaweed Alternatives

Switzerland-based startup Noriware is developing CO2-neutral, plastic-free alternatives to conventional plastic products using seaweed. The company claims its biodegradable algae packaging uses 100% raw natural materials, “making them even edible.” Noriware was founded in 2021 by Jessica Farda, who, inspired by the sustainable and circular economy concept around seaweed, started to develop algae plastic prototypes at home. After successfully creating a biodegradable seaweed material, the company entered its entrepreneurship journey, receiving support from a leading university in Switzerland and funds from the NTN Innovation Booster Plastics for Zero Emission by Innosuisse to further develop its biodegradable algae packaging and revolutionise the packaging industry. Seaweed, an ideal raw material According to Noriware, the existing bioplastics are made with fossil fuels and can only be composted in industrial …


Allbirds Vegan Sneaker


Fashion, Design & Beauty

Allbirds Launches First 100% Vegan Sneakers Made from Upcycled Rice and Citrus Peels

Footwear brand Allbirds has announced the launch of the Plant Pacer, its first 100% vegan sneaker. While Allbirds is traditionally known for its natural line of shoes incorporating sheep’s wool, the Plant Pacer makes use of sustainable, plastic and petroleum-free plant leather.  88% less carbon The Plant Pacer offers the same signature comfort Allbirds is famous for, and is constructed from innovative materials like rubber, plant oils, upcycled rice hulls and even citrus peels.  The shoe’s eco-friendly ingredients mean it produces 88% less carbon than conventional animal leather, and 75% less than standard synthetic pleather. The Plant Pacer, which retails for about $135, also features lightweight eucalyptus-based TENCEL™Lyocell blend lining. Allbirds is offering a canvas version of the Plant Pacer constructed with organic cotton and …


LOCI Red Sneakers


Fashion, Design & Beauty

LØCI Raises £4M From Leonardo DiCaprio and More for Ocean Plastic Sneakers

British sneaker brand LØCI announces it has raised a £4 million seed round from high-profile investors including actor and environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio. According to the fashion label, the investment from DiCaprio will help amplify its mission of making sustainable fashion more accessible and affordable.  Founded in April 2021, LØCI (pronounced “low-key”) produces vegan, biodegradable shoes that are crafted from certified recycled ocean plastic. Upon its launch, the brand achieved seven figures in sales in its first year, and has since expanded into 26 global markets, partnering with top retailers such as Bergdorf Goodman, Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus.  LØCI counts Mila Kunis, Ben Affleck, Olivia Wilde and Eva Longoria among its celebrity fans, which has helped propel the 15-month-old brand to global fame and popularity. LØCI says …


rePurpose Global Plastic Cleanup

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rePurpose Joins with 20 Plant-Based Brands to Offset Millions of Pounds of Plastic Waste

rePurpose Global, a global platform for reducing plastic waste, reveals it has partnered with twenty plant-based brands to take immediate action on the plastic pollution crisis. Brands including No Evil Foods, The Very Good Butchers, Outstanding Foods, V-Dog and more are coming together to remove the equivalent of 27 million plastic bags, or 3 million plastic bottles, from nature every year. Rewarding plastic reduction To accomplish this goal, all of the partnering companies are actively reducing the amount of plastic used in their packaging and supply chains while financing rePurpose’s social enterprises, which provide income for waste workers recovering nature-bound plastics. rePurpose also awards Plastic Negative Certification to brands who ambitiously commit to decreasing plastic in their supply chains, and work to eliminate at least …


Hey Humans Personal Care Products

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Fashion, Design & Beauty

Jada Pinkett Smith’s “Hey Humans” Eco-Conscious Personal Care Line Debuts at Walgreens

Hey Humans, a 99% plastic-free personal care brand co-created by Jada Pinkett Smith, is expanding to 6,000 US Walgreens stores and will also ship nationwide on Hey Humans sells a curated line of natural body washes, deodorants, and toothpaste made without parabens, phthalates or silicones.  Retailing between $6.99 for deodorant and $7.99 for body wash, the vegan and cruelty-free brand says entering Walgreens is an important part of the company’s vision to make clean-label personal care affordable for everyone. All of Hey Humans’ packaging is designed with easily recyclable materials, such as infinitely recyclable aluminum and FSC paper, that minimize the use of plastic. Its aluminum-free deodorant and body washes contain upcycled ingredients and are scented with oil blends such as Cedarwood Sage, Rosewater …


BLUEVIEW Sustainable Sneakers/Shoes


Fashion, Design & Beauty

BLUEVIEW Launches Pacific Biodegradable Sneakers Made From Plant-Based Plastic

BLUEVIEW, a new sustainable footwear brand, today launched what it says is the world’s first-to-market fully biodegradable shoe. The brand’s first release, the BLUEVIEW Pacific sneaker, is constructed with innovative Soleic® and PlantKnitTM plant-based materials, and is available for pre-order on BLUEVIEW’s website at a price of $135. Committed to transitioning the world to bio-based materials, BLUEVIEW says the brand is revolutionizing the footwear industry by replacing petroleum plastics with plastics made sustainably from plants. Its shoes utilize only eco-conscious, vegan materials that provide exceptional comfort and durability. Two cutting-edge materials BLUEVIEW’s proprietary Soleic and PlantKnit materials required six years of research and development. Soleic is the world’s first high-quality, renewable and biodegradable polyurethane foam, and provides the shoes’ sole and cushioned arch support. PlantKnit, …



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Fashion, Design & Beauty

ecoLiving Set to Become the UK and EU’s Largest Vegan Zero-Waste Brand

ecoLiving is leading the zero waste movement in the UK and is now designing and manufacturing plastic-free, vegan household products for the growing market. The female-owned company reports rapid growth over recent years as demand for sustainable and plastic-free alternatives soars.  Following two years of expansion, ecoLiving now operates three warehouses in the UK, with all products plastic-free, vegan, and manufactured responsibly in the UK or EU. The sustainable distribution company also runs a product testing laboratory and production facility in Scotland, with a new retail range currently under development and launching this year.  As part of ecoLiving’s sustainability ethos, the business is carbon neutral, plants trees for every product sold through Eden Reforestation projects, is part of the 1% for the planet scheme, and …


Mushrooms growing

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Market & Trends

Mushrooms and Regenerative Agriculture Top List of Natural Trends for 2022

US natural foods brokerage Presence has released its first annual report, with research conducted by SPINS, assessing major trends in the food, beverage, and wellness industries. Several of the report’s key insights are highlighted here.  Rise of regenerative agriculture According to the report, the popularity of regenerative farming has soared and will play a key role in shaping the future of agriculture. Business interest in regenerative agriculture has increased 138% since 2019, with this approach to farming gaining heavy favor during the pandemic.  As a term, regenerative agriculture refers to a movement that promotes ecological harmony and biodiversity while prioritizing soil health. Regenerative tactics such as no-till planting and the use of cover crops will help make agriculture more appealing to conscious consumers, who don’t …


Egg_Prodigy snacks

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Products & Launches

Prodigy Launches Plant-Based Caramel Salted Chocolate Egg in Time For Easter

Driving the natural snack revolution in the UK, vegan chocolate brand Prodigy introduces the Salted Caramel Chocolate Egg as part of its plastic negative chocolate range. Driving The Natural Snack Revolution Since 2019 Prodigy is known for its innovative ways of reducing the environmental impact of its chocolate products while improving their health benefits. Founded in 2019, the sustainable vegan chocolate pioneer’s newest creation is a Salted Caramel Chocolate Egg that contains less than half the sugar of a traditional filled egg. As with the rest of the company’s chocolate portfolio, the egg is also high in fibre and contains zero palm oil. Following its commitment to making the future of chocolate healthy and sustainable, Prodigy recently gained its B-Corp accreditation and now joins a …